74 Unhappy Romantic Films In An Effort To Make You Cry

If there’s one issue I’m regarded for, it’s my penchant for crying in the course of films. A properly tearjerker, mainly of the heart-wrenching romance style, gets me every time.

Sad romance movies are one of those rare genres you have to be inside the proper mood for. Watching a terrible sad movie at the wrong time can just emerge as making you feel depressed.

That said, the satisfactory romantic movies, no matter how unhappy, are the ones that stir your coronary heart and come up with a newfound appreciation for love. We tend to cry at the same time as watching romantic films because we can all relate to the sensation of looking to love and be cherished.

Looking for sad romantic movies to make you cry? Here’s our listing of the seventy four exceptional unhappy romance movies and where you could watch them.The 74 Best Sad Romantic Movies Of All Time1. Titanic (1997)

In the overdue 90s, Titanic changed into the be-all and end-all of unhappy romantic films. It’s a story of love between a rich girl and a terrible man — one which’s destined to result in loss of life. The song is awesome, The sex scene is steamy. Honestly, Leo just killed it on this one.

Assuming that you’re seeking out a true traditional romance tale, you genuinely can’t pass wrong with Titanic. It’s one you’ll need to watch time and again.

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Based on the unconventional via Nicholas Sparks, the movie starts off with a person who’s seeking to get his Alzheimer’s-suffering spouse to do not forget the past. The tale is so heartbreaking and beautiful. It’s really hard now not to show right into a blubbering mess looking the lives of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling spread.

Where to watch: Amazon3. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Sad romance movies don’t usually should consciousness on heterosexual couples. Back when it became launched inside the early 2000s, Brokeback Mountain was a serious trailblazer that proved that romantic heartbreak can cross past the boundaries of heterosexuality.

Two cowboys, a forbidden love, tons of Wild West scenery are mixed with an awesome solid of actors like Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhall, and Heath Ledger make this movie successful. What’s no longer to love?

Where to watch: YouTube, Amazon4. The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

Christine desired to sing and be guarded by an “angel of music.”

She met a lovable male suitor… in addition to a disfigured guy who quick have become enthusiastic about her. It becomes clear that the Phantom does love her, but that he knows he can’t hold her. The ordinary balance between a mental contamination battle, obsession, and a love triangle makes it tragic in its own right.

Where to observe: HBO Max, Amazon5. Love, Simon (2018)

“Brokeback Mountain” is pretty groundbreaking in its coverage and attractiveness of LGBTQ humans, however have you seen “Love, Simon”?

In it, Simon is attempting to find his elusive “Blue” in hopes of romance. In this coming-of-age film, Simon offers with very actual ideas of affection, friendship, hopelessness, and locating oneself.

Where to look at: YouTube, Amazon6. A Walk to Remember (2002)

Anyone who has ever seen this movie will tell you it’s an apparent pick for a listing of sad romantic films. It’s a coming-of-age story that capabilities cute characters and one heart-wrenching scene.

It follows two young high schoolers who emerge as growing a effective and inspirational dating in which they find out truths that take most humans an entire life to research.

North Carolina in no way seemed so romantic, nor has it ever worked as such a stunning backdrop for a sad tale.

Where to watch: Amazon7. Blue Valentine (2010)

Many of these movies will have you believing in genuine love with all of your coronary heart and soul, however now not this one. Blue Valentine is a film that suggests a couple falling in love, most effective to have their courting crumble.

This is one of the higher unhappy romantic movies for people just going through a hard breakup. It’ll have you ever wondering if love is actual at all and make you recognise that from time to time matters simply crumble.

Where to observe: Tubi, Amazon8. Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

Edgy as may be and extraordinarily poignant for all people who’s trans, “Boys Don’t Cry” is a movie that’s heartbreaking for more than one reasons. The lead man or woman falls for someone best to have affection thrown lower back in his face. It’s one of the saddest movie endings of all time because it’s actual.

The actual tale of a person who turned into killed for being trans is each surprising and a grim reminder that a few humans end up demise for the danger to be cherished in the frame they need to have.

Where to look at: YouTube, Amazon9. Remember Me (2010)

The call on my own hints at some thing unhappy, fateful, and tinged with tragedy. Both characters on this film already start off through showing they’d persisted extreme tragedy earlier than falling in love with each other. Uplifting, right?

It might be if the film didn’t take place in New York City on 11th of September.

Where to observe: Amazon10. Amour (2012)

We all know about the fortunately ever after, however what about the instant where one spouse inevitably dies? Amour starts off with a pair in their 80s that spent most in their lives together. When one has a coronary heart attack, they are compelled to face their mortality collectively.

It’s a state of affairs that maximum of us will revel in if we’re lucky sufficient to discover a person who will stay with us.

Where to watch: Amazon11. Up (2009)

“Up” isn’t genuinely what maximum human beings think about after they listen the word “unhappy romantic movie”. However, the entire premise of the antique man’s balloon-driven residence journey is because of his past due spouse.

The entire film is pretty a lot a tale that shows how devoted he’s to his former wife, and how much he loves her.

Where to observe: Disney Plus, Amazon12. Ghost (1990)

Did you ever have a lover who died? If so, “Ghost” will hit you right within the feels — hard. This romantic movie is all approximately a pair who has a long, glad existence reduce quick by using murder.

Molly survives, however Sam doesn’t. Despite Sam being useless, he still sticks through his grieving ex as a ghost.

Where to observe: Amazon13. Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Is there some thing more appropriate for a list of unhappy romance movies just like the maximum famous story of celebrity-crossed fans ever written? “Romeo + Juliet” is a current-ish take on William Shakespeare’s most famous play.

There’s wild love, gang wars, as well as the conventional story of the way all had been punished for the feuds between the Montagues and Capulets.

Where to watch: Amazon14. Atonement (2007)

Atonement is one of these rare romance films you surely have to appreciate, and not simply due to the cinematography. This film includes a loving couple stuck in the middle of a war, torn aside due to a jealous sister’s lies.

After the couple is separated, the as soon as-jealous sister Briony maintains to beg for forgiveness. Can she without a doubt atone for destroying so many lives? It’s a exquisite story of enduring love towards all odds.

Where to look at: YouTube, Amazon15. Never Let Me Go (2010)

“Never Let Me Go” is both disturbing and romantic. This sci-fi film takes area in an idyllic school that caters to Donors, check tube babies that have been bred to donate organs to rich people.

In this world, Donors aren’t regarded as human. They aren’t alleged to fall in love; they may be meant to take delight in how many organs they give till they die. So, what happens whilst Donors fall in love?

Where to observe: YouTube, Amazon16. The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)

If you like sci-fi but don’t need the darkness of “Never Let Me Go”, deliver this one a strive. A doting spouse finds herself in hassle whilst her husband is recognized with a genetic disorder that makes him randomly journey through time.

This one is unhappy, but motion-packed. It’s touching, but on the equal time, stunning. I adore it, and so will you.

Where to observe: Netflix, Amazon17. Life Is Beautiful (1997)

World War II launched tens of millions of tales of motion, horror, and the worst in humanity. “Life Is Beautiful” might just be one of the maximum heartbreaking romance movies to ever take location at some point of this period of human records.

This movie follows the lives of a pair who met earlier than the battle, get interned in a attention camp in the course of Hitler’s upward push to strength, and try and escape.

Where to watch: Amazon18. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Aging is a herbal part of lifestyles, however what if it wasn’t? What would show up if all of us elderly in opposite? Benjamin Button turned into born with a strange quirk that causes him to regress in age the older he gets.

When he falls in love with a woman who a long time normally, heartbreak becomes inevitable. It’s a lovely tale with mortality as a subject matter.

Where to watch: Amazon19. The Lucky One (2012)

Are you superstitious? US Marine Sergeant Thibault is, and after returning home from his 0.33 excursion in Iraq, he has most effective one charm guilty. That appeal is a photograph of an unknown female, and he makes a decision to find out who she is.

“The Lucky One” capabilities a wild chase for love, natural courting conduct, and a touch little bit of sadness.

Where to observe: Amazon20. Shakespeare In Love (2008)

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