50 Fine Romantic Comedies Of All Time


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When you’re in want of a bit escape, there’s not anything extra delightful than romantic comedy movies. These candy, humorous films normally have a satisfied finishing, leaving you with sense-accurate vibes for the relaxation of the day. On top of that, they move backgrounds and cultures, giving rom-coms commonplace enchantment. While we love sweeping romances and unhappy films, too, from time to time you just want the entirety wrapped up in a neat package deal.

There are actors and actresses who have literally made their careers out of starring in romantic comedy movies, like Meg Ryan, who just might be the queen of the style. From Sleepless in Seattle to When Harry Met Sally…, Ryan’s characters look for love in approaches that make us root for her on every occasion. But wait—don’t overlook approximately Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Drew Barrymore, who additionally make a few appearances in this listing with a number of our favourite main guys.

So, are you ready to fall in love over and over once more? Cancel your plans for the day (and get a few popcorn), due to the fact we’ve rounded up 50 of the best rom-coms of all time. To narrow matters down, we took into consideration every film’s staying energy, box workplace numbers, and awards-show buzz across the time of launch. Some of them are classics that qualify as the first-class films of all time, while others are newer romantic films on Netflix, however they’re all quite darn ideal in all the proper ways.

via amazon.com1. Sleepless in Seattle

Memorable Quote: “It was 1,000,000 tiny little matters that, while you added all of them up, they supposed we had been purported to be collectively, and I knew it. I knew it the first time I touched her. It changed into like coming domestic, handiest to no home I’d ever recognised. I changed into just taking her hand to assist her out of a vehicle and I knew it. It was like magic.”

The big-display screen pairing of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks is usually a winner. Enter a lovable youngster who just wants to assist his widowed father find love via a radio communicate display and you’ve rom-com perfection. The movie became even nominated for two Oscars and a number of different massive awards.

via amazon.com2. Crazy Rich Asians

Memorable Quote: “I’m not leaving due to the fact I’m scared, or because I assume I’m now not enough—because perhaps for the first time in my lifestyles, I recognise I am.”

When you meet your boyfriend’s circle of relatives for the first time and you discover they aren’t simply rich but loopy wealthy, chaos and comedy are certain to turn up. Based on the fine-selling book of the equal call, Crazy Rich Asians transports visitors to every other area, where the stakes are high however the love is robust. If you’ve by no means read the ebook, you have to surely pick it up, even if you typically stick with straight-up romance novels.

thru amazon.com3. The Holiday

Memorable Quote: “I suppose I think about love extra than all and sundry honestly should. I am constantly amazed through its sheer electricity to adjust and define our lives.”

If you’ve ever puzzled what it would be want to spend the day in someone else’s footwear, The Holiday explores that idea quite beautifully. Two girls having very little luck with love switch homes (one lives in Los Angeles, whilst the other is living in England) best to discover precisely what each was seeking out all along. It feels like it is able to be the plot of one of the first-class dramas, however Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet hold things light and tremendously enjoyable.

via amazon.com4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Memorable Quote: “Let me let you know some thing, Toula. The man is the head, however the lady is the neck. And she will flip the pinnacle any manner she wants.”

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a jubilant film that made audiences both need to be part of the Portokalos circle of relatives and respect that they’re no longer. The story follows just what occurs when a female’s conventional Greek family tries to just accept her non-Greek fiancé. While this one’s a classic after many years, these are the best new comedy movies you’ll additionally want to place to your ought to-watch listing.

via amazon.com5. When Harry Met Sally…

Memorable Quote: “A girl buddy. This is tremendous. You can be the primary appealing girl I have no longer wanted to sleep with in my whole lifestyles.”

Sometimes the man or woman you’re supposed to be with has been proper in front of you the whole time. When Harry Met Sally… is one of these romantic comedy movies that makes you believe in love time and again once more. This oft-quoted favourite approximately two platonic pals who recognise there is probably something greater to their dating also occurs to be a remarkable New Year’s movie.

thru amazon.com6. The Proposal

Memorable Quote: “Hey, that’s no trouble. I can do this. I can pretend to be the doting fiancé. That’s smooth. But for you, that’s going to require that you forestall snacking on children whilst they dream.”

When an emotionally unavailable bigwig at a publishing business enterprise faces deportation, she calls on her assistant to marry her to stable a green card. The chemistry among Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is ideal, as is the comedy the complete solid (such as the top notch Betty White) carries at some point of the flick.

via amazon.com7. Overboard

Memorable Quote: “These gnats hold touchdown on my wet nail polish. I guess I’m meant to stroll around with their little corpses caught to my palms, is that it?”

It’s constantly a laugh to look at actual-existence couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell crew up on display screen. In Overboard, they make an not going suit when a rich woman suffers from amnesia and the handyman she hired (and cheated out of his cash) makes a decision to convey her domestic to his youngsters. While the basis may also raise an eyebrow or two these days (and even did lower back then), it’s nonetheless a traditional ’80s film that you may’t assist but revel in.

via amazon.com8. Love Actually

Memorable Quote: “Sam, you’ve were given nothin’ to lose, and you’ll constantly remorse it in case you don’t! I by no means instructed your mom enough. I must have told her each day because she was perfect every day. You’ve visible the films, kiddo. It ain’t over until it’s over.”

When you get not one however a couple of love memories in one rom-com, it pretty much way it’s the first-rate romantic comedy movie ever. Love Actually follows eight extraordinary humans in various states of romance, with the Christmas season as a backdrop.

through amazon.com9. The Wedding Singer

Memorable Quote: “You’ll realize while you meet the right girl as it’s now not how you sense approximately her—it’s how she makes you experience about yourself.”

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler make an epic rom-com duo in this candy love story set in the 1980s about a these days dumped wedding singer who falls for a lady who’s already engaged. What makes this flick more sweet is that each leads are equally as romantic and appreciative of love. And you may’t beat the ’80s nostalgia, an authentic Adam Sandler tune filled with quirky love charges, and one very rockin’ cameo!

through amazon.com10. The Big Sick

Memorable Quote: “Apparently, there are right and terrible comas. And the sort that they positioned her in—the medically caused ones—are truly the good form of coma. Like, you know the way there are proper and terrible carbs? Gremlins—those may be properly or horrific.”

Based on Kumail Nanjiani’s real-lifestyles dating, The Big Sick follows a younger couple via sudden, heartbreaking infection. Ultimately, the comedy comes into play whilst Nanjiani has to deal with his love’s judgmental family whilst she’s in a medically caused coma. No, that doesn’t sound humorous, however accept as true with us— there are some first-rate lines within the movie.

thru amazon.com11. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Memorable Quote: “But the element is, um, what I’m attempting to say, very inarticulately, is that, um, in truth, possibly notwithstanding appearances, I such as you, very a good deal. Just as you’re.”

For each person who seems like they bumble at romance (and sometimes lifestyles), Bridget Jones is a hero. Based on Helen Fielding’s great-selling books, Bridget Jones’s Diary has all of it, from comedy to like to friendship to, sure, a bit heartbreak. Let’s face it: When Bridget sings “All by Myself,” she’s every person at some point in our lives. Don’t pass over those other hit movies based totally on books.

thru amazon.com12. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Released: 1997

Rated: PG-thirteen

Memorable Quote: “I’m a hectic woman. I’ve got exactly 4 days to interrupt up a marriage, scouse borrow the bride’s fella, and I haven’t one clue a way to do it. He became in love with me every day for 9 goddamn years. Me!”


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