3 Times Acting, Lee Byung Hun Shocked By Shin Min A’s Change In ‘Our Blues’

After Competing For Acting Three Times, Lee Byung Hun Admitted That He Was Surprised By Shin Min A’s Changes When Filming ‘Our Blues’. What Kind Of Changes Do You Mean?

Ahead of the broadcast this weekend, ” Our Blues ” held a press conference on Thursday (7/4). On this occasion, Lee Byung Hun and Shin Min A talked about their love line in the drama.

“Our Blues” is an omnibus-style drama set on Jeju Island complete with the life stories of its residents, played by Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min A, Cha Seung Won , Lee Jung Eun , Kim Woo Bin , Han Ji Min , and Uhm Jung Hwa . This drama raises the story of a life full of sweet, sour, bitter tastes ranging from love, friendship, to conflicts of family hostility.

In this drama, Lee Byung Hun plays Lee Dong Seok who was born in a small village on Jeju Island and now works selling goods in his truck. Lee Dong Seok then gets involved with Min Sun A, played by Shin Min A. Min Sun A recently moved to Jeju and has a deep secret.

Having worked with Shin Min A three times, Lee Byung Hun admitted that he was surprised when he returned to acting. Previously, they had acted together in the film ” A Bittersweet Life ” in 2005.

In Shin Min A’s debut work, she appears as a younger sister. She became my favorite character in ‘A Bittersweet Life’, and this is the first time we meet as lovers, and when I think of Shin Min A who was so fresh and cute when she was young. But when working together in a drama, I was surprised by his deep acting, and we had good chemistry,” said Lee Byung Hun.

Shin Min A also talked about his impression after returning to work with Lee Byung Hun. Kim Woo Bin’s lover felt like he met a different person when acting with Lee Byung Hun in “Our Blues” after so many years.

“He was my partner in the debut film. Not a general partner in ‘Bittersweet Life’. I met him again in ‘Our Blues’ but it felt like meeting a different person. I think it helped Dong Seok and Sun A’s relationship because there was a bit of comfort. what changed is, he became more handsome,” said Shin Min A.

Meanwhile, “Our Blues” can be watched on April 9. Replacing ” Twenty-Five, Twenty-One ” this drama will air every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 local time.

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