15 High-quality Family Movies Streaming On Netflix


What to Watch

They are completely suitable to watch with all of us inside the fam.

Let’s be real: Picking the correct film to watch for your own family film night time is difficult, mainly when there are so many choices. But don’t worry. We’ve compiled the great family movies on Netflix in a single list, so all you need to do is watch your manner via them. 

After hours of combing through the titles in Netflix’s catalog, right here’s how we choose the films. For starters, a terrific film desires to be enjoyable (I’m searching at you, Hairspray), have a notable solid that works nicely collectively (ahem, School of Rock) and feature a great message on the way to make you watched lengthy after the film is over. (I undertaking you to get Over the Moon from your head.)

So accumulate everyone in the residing room (even those moody teens), pop a few popcorn, and watch a number of the quality circle of relatives flicks streaming on Netflix right now. You’ll thank us later.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Synopsis: Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless, spend their time exploring their island’s unmarked territories. But for the duration of one of their many adventures, they find a secret cave with masses of dragons. It’s up to them to defend their island from a warrior who has a dragon army of his personal.

What makes it a exquisite movie: You don’t want to watch the primary movie earlier than you watch How to Train Your Dragon 2. This sequel, which takes location five years later, has a completely unique message, highlighting the bond between people and their animal companions, in addition to referring to own family dynamics. Both of these items will make your supercreative kiddo who’s enthusiastic about magic maintain to speak approximately the film as soon as the credit have started rolling. 

Rating: How to Train Your Dragon 2 is rated PG because of journey, motion and mildly crude humor.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Synopsis: As she heads off to movie school, Katie Mitchell embarks on a cross-us of a road trip along with her mother, dad, younger brother and dog, Monchi. But their trip is interrupted while robots switch on them. It’s up to Katie, her own family, and their information of technology to store the planet and one another from this technological rebellion. 

What makes it a great movie: It’s a touch too relatable, minus, you already know, the technological insurrection. The older generations can sympathize with Rick and Linda Mitchell’s reluctance to adopt era, even as the more youthful kids will LOL at the jokes and that adorable pug. Not to mention, the movie capabilities a unique appearance with the aid of Chrissy Teigen. Need we say extra? 

Rating: The Mitchells vs. the Machines is rated PG because of movement and a few language, which can be a little extreme at times, however these scenes are all in top a laugh.

The Willoughbys

Synopsis: Tired of being omitted by means of their selfish dad and mom, the 4 Willoughby children hatch a plan to send their mother and father on vacation so we can break out from their oldsters for right. This takes the foursome on an adventure in their personal to discover the true which means of circle of relatives. Throw in some colorful animation, light singing and masses of heart, and you’ve got a winner.

What makes it a splendid film: It’s difficult not to love the film when you hear about the solid, featuring the voices of Saturday Night Live alums Martin Short, Will Forte and Maya Rudolph, in addition to Terry Crews, Jane Krakowski and Alessia Cara. But famous person energy apart, The Willoughbys is ready with a top notch message about households coming in all shapes, sizes and colors with a purpose to make you hug your own family individuals a bit tighter.Rating: The Willoughbys is rated PG due to impolite humor and some thematic factors. Some reviewers observe that the comedy is dark and that the overlook the Willoughby youngsters enjoy is extreme. So, in case your kiddo is touchy, you may need them to sit down this one out.

Synopsis: In this musical, a making a song kinkajou (it’s type of like a monkey) named Vivo embarks on a journey of a lifetime to deliver a music for an vintage friend. Along the manner, Vivo meets a bunch of exciting characters who assist him find out the meanings of affection and friendship.

What makes it a top notch film: Music by means of Lin-Manuel Miranda. The Hamilton writer now not handiest lends his voice (and people extraordinary pipes) to the titular individual but also wrote its track lyrics. If you’re looking for a film on the way to take you on an adventure with catchy tune, then Vivo is the movie for you.

Rating: Vivo is rated PG for a few thematic elements and mild movement, however it’s the form of motion that you’ll find in any animated movie.

School of Rock

Synopsis: When a very enthusiastic guitarist, performed by way of the hilarious Jack Black, receives thrown out of his band, he’s in dire want of a new gig. A risk phone call ends in him becoming a replacement teacher at an elite personal college, where he exposes his via-the-e book college students to the beauty of rock ’n’ roll and modifications their lives forever. 

What makes it a top notch movie: Jack Black does an outstanding process of being a messy rock fan even as being a source of proposal and amusing to his uptight students. But most of all, School of Rock teaches youngsters to embrace their creativity and makes you wish you had caught with the ones piano training you took in first grade. Grown-usawill love the nostalgia issue (the film is 18 years antique); children will love the song and the smooth jokes. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Rating: School of Rock is rated PG-thirteen for a few impolite humor and drug references, making it the most specific film on this list. Parents would possibly want to rewatch before displaying it to the kiddos, simply in case those jokes about groupies come off a little in another way 18 years later.

Synopsis: A young orphan named Hugo lives within the partitions of a train station in Paris within the Nineteen Thirties and maintains the station’s clocks. Gifted with a notebook from his late father, Hugo embarks on a quest to clear up a mystery, find a place he can call home and fulfill his future, something that may be.

What makes it a first rate movie: This fable film will take you to emblem-new heights. Directed via Martin Scorsese, the film is so properly finished that you’ll be immersed in and mesmerized via Hugo’s international.

Rating: Hugo is rated PG, for mild thematic material and a few motion, however it’s not anything which you haven’t seen earlier than in circle of relatives journey movies.

Arlo the Alligator Boy

Synopsis: Arlo, a 1/2-alligator, 1/2-human boy, embarks on an adventure to the Big Apple looking for the father that he by no means knew existed. Along the manner, he meets a collection of friends who assist him discover his father and help him in accepting the things that make him extraordinary, which consequently make him lovely. 

What makes it a extremely good film: You can’t speak approximately this film without discussing its supersweet message about accepting your differences. Plus, Arlo the Alligator Boy is a musical, which makes this offbeat and quirky film exceedingly exciting.

Rating: Arlo the Alligator Boy is rated TV-Y7 for some elements of fear, but it’s far absolutely OK for kids ages 7 and older to watch.

Hairspray (2007)

Synopsis: In this 2007 edition of the popular Broadway musical, a teen with a coronary heart of gold and a expertise for dancing attempts to forestall racial segregation and sizeism in her native land of Baltimore with the electricity of music, dance and status up for what she believes in.

What makes it a awesome film: It’s no longer simply the tune, or the spot-on casting of Zac Efron as Link Larkin, or the fact that “I Can Hear the Bells” can be stuck to your head for days to come back, even though all of these items are superb. It’s the truth that Hairspray isn’t afraid to address real issues approximately race and segregation within the Nineteen Sixties, losing mild in this time within the US. You won’t be capable of appearance away, and you won’t be able to forestall dancing.

Rating: Hairspray is rated PG for some language and suggestive content material, which may spark questions from younger audience participants.

My Little Pony: A New Generation

Synopsis: The magical land of Equestria has been divided, and Earth ponies, unicorns and Pegasi have all grown aside. But one small hero named Sunny believes that every one three companies can be friends again and embarks on a venture to show this and start a new generation for Equestria.


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