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Vishal-Laththi-Laatti-Telugu-Movie-ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Lathi Charge On Audience
2h 24m, UA
Vishal-Laatti-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Murali Krishna (Vishal) is a constable who works in Narayanaguda Police Station. He gets suspended for giving Laati treatment to a suspect in a Rape case. Later he gets the job back on the recommendation of a DIG. But the DIG seeks the same Laati help from Murali Krishna on a criminal called Veera. But that brings unexpected problems for Murali Krishna and his family.
Vishal is struck in Pandemkodi that released seventeen years back. He chose same template films and continues the same acting he always does. He may have even lost the count of the roles he did in same pattern with only cosmetic changes.
The Emotional act of Vishal during the climax is an indication of how he did not improve a bit as an actor beyond that loud performances. The expressions he maintains in the scene evoke laughter and irritates the audience.
Sunaina plays the wife character. She looks good and is okay with the performance. Prabhu is seen in a cameo kind of role and is okay. Munishkanth appears in a little role and is alright in whatever he is given. The artists who played villains are totally ineffective. Particularly the one who played Sura is even silly. Bad writing of their characters make them look even bad. The other characters are mostly trivial.
A Vinoth Kumar has selected a cop story with family emotions for his Laati with Vishal. Pon Parthiban has written the story.
In a cop story, we expect heroism in the character but that is only confined to the first and last blocks of the film. The family story needs proper establishment of the characters and the bonding between them. Even though there is a premise for that to happen nothing really works due to bad writing.
There are lots of inconsistencies in the character of Murali Krishna. He is introduced as a stubborn, upright cop and later his character turns meek for the most part of the film. And suddenly towards the end, there is a bland drama in the name of twists that rather appear silly.
There are multiple threads in the story – a Rape case, father-son track, Police drama, Politics, Revenge, etc. Even though the director tries to embed multiple threads into one story. It is like all of them are routine and beaten to death. Even if they are neatly handled, the movie will still be routine and boring.
Sunaina-Laatti-Telugu-Movie-ReviewThe second half is almost entirely one action sequence. It moves forward endlessly without any excitement. To make this worse, they are handled so badly that every thing is forced and boring. The writer and director wakes up in the climax and try to tie all the threads together with an intention to surprise the audience but the attempt only backfires. Logic also goes for a toss. It is seen as desperate and further tiring to the audience. To make things worse, the bad performance of Vishal in the crucial emotional block misfires big time.
Finally, Laati is forgettable attempt by Vishal. Beaten to death story, hollow characterizations, Bland writing, and inspid narration makes the movie a bad experience for the audience. High time Vishal reinvents himself and come out with something interesting and sensible.
Music and Other Departments?
A Vinoth Kumar and Pon Parthiban have cooked a bland and boring story. The dialogues also barely worked. In terms of the other Technical Departments, Sam CS’s background score is only a bit noticeable. It has worked at places and in some places, the background score is good but did not work with the scenes. There are a couple of songs that are just for namesake. The cinematography is very average. The film feels lengthy even at a usual runtime.
Sam CS’s Score at Places
Poor Writing
Boring & Predictable Scenes
Lack of Logic
Prabhu-Laatti-Telugu-Movie-ReviewDid I Enjoy It?
Will You Recommend It?
Laththi (Laatti Telugu) Movie Review by Mirchi9
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