Yuju Ex G-FRIEND Unloads Mainstay Beauty Pouch, There Are Recommendations For Soft Makeup Lovers

When She Was A Guest Of Kim Minju And Sandara Park On ‘Get It Beauty’, Yuju, Ex-G-FRIEND, Unpacked Her Flagship Pouch Every Day. Any Recommendations For Make-Up Lovers Soft Makeup, What?

Yuju , a former member of G-FRIEND, shows the contents of her make-up bag. To 2NE1 ‘s Sandara Park and former IZ*ONE Kim Minju in the “” Get it Beauty ” program, Yuju unpacked a pouch containing mandatory daily use products. If you are a lover of soft make-up, watch it till the end!

First of all, Yuju issued a lipbalm and hand cream both of which are vegan products. The lipbalm that Yuju uses is from the AMUSE brand and the hand cream is from Athe.

“This is just a lip balm, this is a very good basic item. I will share environmentally friendly products first,” Yuju said in the “Get it Beauty” video uploaded on the YouTbe channel tvN D Studio some time ago.

For everyday makeup, Yuju doesn’t use foundation, but rather a cushion which is more practical. “I like to get ready quickly. So I just use this. This product makes a very glowing effect on the skin,” he explained.

After the cushion, Yuju showed the concealer which is also from the CLIO brand. According to him, using a series of products from one brand is better. Yuju herself needs concealer to cover the mole on her face on certain days.

Next, Yuju shows her frequently used eyeshadow palette from CLIO. It looks like one color is broken and the packaging has been damaged due to frequent use. She will only use light pink and brick red to add shadow to the eyes. While the lighter color for the bottom of the eye.

Tend to use natural colors, Yuju prefers a subtle blush effect. The 1997-born idol has product recommendations which he thinks are very good for those who like unobtrusive blush colors.

“As for blushes, I don’t really like fruity colors. I don’t like coral or hot pink. I like blush colors that have subtle tones. This one is great if you want a very subtle effect. a flashy blush, this might be a bit pale. This is a CLINIQUE blush in a nude pop color,” explained Yuju.

Seeing Yuju carrying blush in her pouch, Kim Minju commented, “You even brought blush on, very professional.”

Furthermore, Yuju issued a contour product from Artclass by Rodin, namely Shading number 02 which is not always carried but is often used at home. Next, he has a Primer Finish Pact from Banila Co which can give a paper-like smooth skin effect. That primer is the secret to keeping the eyeshadow look all day long.

“I really wanted to share this product today,” he said as he let Kim Minju and Sandara Park try it on hand. “Your skin will be like paper. If you put this on before the eyeshadow it will look fresh all day long.”

Then Yuju showed her favorite product which is a combination of lipbalm, lipstick and lip plumber from Gelrush Archive Plumper. Even the product that was brought in “Get it Beauty” at that time was the third purchase and was almost sold out.

Lastly, Yuju has two lip creams, including AMUSE Dew Tint Flower Market number 03 and Sunday number 12. Although sometimes she just uses a lighter color, that day she mixed the two.

“Finally, lip color. This one is lighter in color, the color is very beautiful, the shine is also very soft. Sometimes I just wear this. Today I mixed the two. The color is very beautiful which Dara unnie might like. If it is mixed it will be more beautiful,” he explained. .

After Sandara Park mentioned that she also likes to use the product, Yuju agreed. Then he recommends a lip color product with a little sparkle that is suitable for everyone.

“Right, this is good for everyone. Products that are slightly glossy will look beautiful after we pinch our lips a few times. I’ve been using glossy products like this lately,” concluded Yuju.

After watching Yuju’s flagship products, Kim Minju and Sandara Park invited her to return to “Get it Beauty”. According to Kim Minju, Yuju’s pouch unloading session just now was like chatting with a close friend about beauty products.

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