YoonA Becomes Lee Jong Suk’s Wife And Nurse In ‘Big Mouth’, Peek Diligently In Character


Playing The Role Of A Dream Wife As Well As A Reliable Nurse, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Became Lee Jong Suk’s Perfect Companion In The Drama ‘Big Mouth’. Take A Peek At His Hard Work Behind The Scenes.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA will soon greet viewers on the small screen through her latest role in the drama ” Big Mouth “. In this drama, YoonA will be Lee Jong Suk ‘s wife who has an important role during the story.

Carrying the noir theme, “Big Mouth” tells the story of Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) a third-rate lawyer whose life changed overnight into a genius con artist known as “Big Mouse” and is responsible for a murder case. In order to survive and protect his family, this “big-mouthed” lawyer must uncover a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper class.

In this drama, YoonA plays Go Mi Ho, Park Chang Ho’s wife who works as a nurse. When her husband gets into trouble, the smart and brave Go Mi Ho jumps straight into the battlefield to save his husband.

Recently, photos of YoonA’s behind-the-scenes activities as Go Mi Ho were revealed. Challenging drama noir for the first time, YoonA’s appearance was quite expected by viewers. Moreover, it was hinted from the start that his character in “Big Mouth” was quite strong.

In particular, YoonA not only consulted and conducted research on health workers to revive Go Mi Ho. The legendary visual of Girls’ Generation also pays special attention to the expression of the character by keeping the pronunciation and gestures of the character.

In the behind-the-scenes portrait, YoonA attracted attention by completely immersed in the role of Go Mi Ho. Viewers can peek at her appearance as Go Mi Ho with her hair in a neat bun and natural makeup.

In addition, the image on the nurse Go Mi Ho’s ID card featuring YoonA with long hair is attracting attention. Even though it looks very small, YoonA’s beauty is still clearly radiated there.

Meanwhile, “Big Mouth” can be watched on July 29. This drama fills the airing slot every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 local time.


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