Yoo Min-sang, “I have a lot of protein in my body” at the recommendation of protein drinks (‘Taste Guy’)

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Kang Seo-jeong] Defconn and Yoo Min-sang express disapproval of Kim Hae-joon’s taste tips. 

Channel IHQ’s ‘Delicious Guys’, which airs on the 12th, depicts a mukbang at a restaurant that Suji Lee and Haejun Kim often visit under the theme of ‘Introducing my restaurant’. 

Kim Hae-joon introduced Defcon, Yoo Min-sang, and Lee Su-ji to a Chinese restaurant with delicious cream jjambbong.  

Haejun Kim was satisfied with the fusion Chinese dish, which also suited the members’ tastes, and gave tips on how to enjoy it.  

When Defcon was disappointed that there was no alcoholic beverage on the food, which is great as a snack, Haejun Kim confidently presented a beer-flavored protein drink. However, Defconn and Yoo Min-sang showed no signs of welcoming them and asked, “We are basically people with a lot of protein, so can we eat them?” 

In response, Haejun Kim pointed out the fact and laughed, saying, “Hyungs don’t have a lot of protein, they have a lot of fat.”  

He also drank a protein drink and asked Defconn and Yoo Min-sang about the tasting with high expectations, but Defcon said, “How is it?” On the other hand, Yoo Min-sang left a message to advertisers, saying, “If you need my evaluation, please contact me,” and laughed.

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