‘Woo Young-woo’→’The Glory’→’Oh My Dear’, Jeong Ga-hee, a must-have for good works

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[OSEN=Reporter Jang Woo-young] Jung Ga-hee from ‘How I Met You’ caught the eye with her intense first appearance.

In the KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama ‘How I Ran into You’ (Screenwriter Baek So-yeon, Director Kang Su-yeon Lee Woong-hee, Production Arc Media) broadcast on the 9th, Jung Ga-hee appeared as ‘Lee Joo-yeong’, a teacher at Woojeong High School, and received attention from viewers. .

In the play, ‘Lee Joo-young’ is a fourth-year student at the Department of Korean Literature at Seoul National University who came out of her teaching practice. She appeared with the narration of ‘Hae-jun’ (Kim Dong-wook), who said ‘she was the first victim of the serial murder case of Jeong-woo Woo’, leaving a strong impression on the viewers’ minds. left On the day of the picnic at Woojeong High School, ‘Joo-yeong’ calmly sings ‘Sol-ah-sol-blue-sol’, pretending not to win against the torch of the students, and ‘Hae-jun’, who knows that she will be the ‘first victim of the murder’, for a month. The unknown appearance of ‘Joo-young’, who casually lies that he will be staying at a relative’s house, appeared one after another, raising curiosity about the character.

In the second half of the play, ‘Hae-jun’ and ‘Ko Mi-sook’ (Kim Hye-eun), who were supposed to meet student ‘Ju-yeong’, but received a call from the principal that she did not appear, and realized that the character described in the unpublished novel was actually ‘Joo-yeong’. The scene where Yoon-Young (played by Jin Ki-Joo) runs away foreshadows a new phase by raising the tension of the play to the fullest about what the hidden story of student student ‘Joo-Young’ will be.

Jeong Ga-hee, who raised expectations for future developments like this, played the role of an ex-girlfriend who coolly reveals that the man of ‘Choi Soo-yeon’ (Ha Yoon-kyung) is a cheater in her previous work ‘The Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo’ and ‘Park Yeon-jin’ (Lim Ji-yeon) in ‘The Glory’. A talented actress who showed an impactful performance by appearing as ‘Sumi’, a weather caster junior who bumps into each other. Unlike her previous works, this time, ‘I met you by chance’ will show a new look that has never been seen before, from a short hair style to a plain face without makeup, vocalization, and expression, and depicts the subtle psychology of ‘Lee Joo-young’ character.

Jeong Ga-hee said, “Since ‘Joo-yeong’ in the play is a character with a lot of secrets, I wanted her to look sharp and sensitive, so she lost weight before entering the work. This is the first time I tried the short-cut style of ‘Joo-Young’, which was just cut without being fancy, and I had a lot of discussions with the director because I wanted to portray the character of ‘Joo-Young’ more realistically through her neutral and plain styling.” He revealed his special affection for the character.

With the performance of Jung Ga-hee, who is taking on a new challenge with a 180-degree change in acting from her previous work, expectations are gathering, and KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘How I Ran into You’ will be broadcast at 9:50 pm on Monday and Tuesday.

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