WJSN’s Victory In ‘Queendom 2’ Floods Of Suspicious Comments


Netizens Asked Mnet To Reveal The Accurate Number Of Digital Song Streams, Thus Explaining Why Youtube’s Scoring Criteria Were Changed Right Before The ‘Queendom 2’ Finale.

” Queendom 2 ” has aired the last episode on Thursday (2/6) where the survival program determines the 1st place winner. The winner is determined after adding the preliminary scores for the previous 3 rounds (40 thousand points) and the final (60 thousand points).

In this last episode, WJSN ( Cosmic Girls ) was announced as the winner of “Queendom 2”. The members were seen crying and expressing feelings about their victory.

As soon as the last episode aired, South Korean netizens immediately started discussing their suspicions. An article entitled “Requesting the production team of ‘Queendom 2’ to reveal the truth” is attracting attention on online forums.

The netizen who created the article wrote, “All the team worked very hard and performed well, but I think the result should be fair. I want the production team to clarify any suspicious things.”

Netizens asked Mnet to reveal the accurate number of digital song streams, explain why Youtube’s scoring criteria were changed just before the finale, reveal real-time votes, confirm their scoring criteria, and reveal criteria for streaming.

“I know LOONA has a lot of international fans, did they do a double count? That’s why the results are like this?” wrote one netizen. “What about VIVIZ , they have more streaming in South Korea,” said another.

“I think VIVIZ and LOONA have the highest number of streams, when did WJSN beat VIVIZ in terms of stream points?” add another. “Mnet really needs to explain their current point system,” added another.

Although there were some suspicious comments, some netizens also congratulated WJSN’s victory. “Congratulations congratulations, I don’t need Mnet to explain why WJSN won but I need an explanation for digital points,” concluded another netizen. What do you think?


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