Winter Aespa’s Tone Makes The Male Staff Charm

Aespa And Heechul Chatted Casually While Enjoying Alcohol In ‘Street Alcohol Fighter’. Heechul Then Started Discussing The Medok Tone Of Yangsan’s Accent That Winter Had.

Aespa appeared as a guest star in the YouTube program ” Street Alcohol Fighter ” which was released last July 28. Guided by Super Junior ‘s Kim Heechul , the SM Entertainment idol chatted casually while enjoying alcohol.

In the first few minutes of chatting, Kim Heechul asked how drunk the AESPA members were. Giselle and Winter answered 40 percent while Karina 48 percent. Ningning surprised him by saying he was only 20 percent drunk.

“Drinks like this don’t make me drunk. Only liquor makes me drunk,” Ningning said. “He keeps asking for liquor. Buy me liquor! Buy me liquor,” said Heechul.

Heechul then shifted the conversation to Winter’s dark Yangsan accent. “When you talk to your friends or family, do you speak with an accent?” Heechul asked.

When Winter answered yes, Heechul immediately asked Winter to pretend to talk to his friend via cellphone in a Yangsan tone. “Minjung-ah. What are you doing today? Are you filming?,” Heechul said.

In a meek tone, Winter replied, “I heard today about drinking.” Heechul continued to ask, “Can you drink?” Winter replied, “I’m fine. I can manage my weight.”

Winter’s tone fascinated the “Street Alcohol Fighter” male staff. “So cute,” said Heechul. The “Ask Us Anything” member then asked Karina if she had the same accent as Winter.

Karina immediately said welcome with a different method. “My grandmother is from Chungcheongdo. She used to always say, ‘Let’s eat meat soup’. She used to always say, ‘Let’s eat meat soup’,” said Karina. What do you think?

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