WINNER Introduces This Plant In Comeback Trailer, Its Meaning Is Amazing


WINNER Managed To Surprise Fans By Releasing The Upcoming Comeback Trailer Suddenly And Seen Showing This Plant Making Meaning A Lot Of Talk.

WINNER (II)’s comeback is finally getting closer. YG Entertainment gave an official announcement that WINNER will be releasing their new album on July 5.

As expected, WINNER will again strengthen their “label” as the “King of Summer”. This new summer song from the group Kim Jin Woo , Lee Seung Hoon , Song Min Ho , and Kang Seung Yoon is making fans curious.

Today, June 21, at midnight KST, WINNER surprised by instantly releasing the upcoming comeback trailer . The WINNER members are seen showing a mysterious story in the trailer .

Song Mino became the first member to appear in the video carrying a golf club. The back of her blonde hair forms a 4-leaf clover.

Song Mino then hit a golf ball that also had a four-leaf clover in it. Next, 3 WINNER members appeared alternately starting from Hoony, Jinu, and Yoon who were in different locations.

Song Mino seemed to be watching from the stairs as if waiting for the other three members. The four WINNER members then walked together and stood face to face at Song Mino’s location.

The four-leaf clover symbol displayed in the video immediately got the attention of fans. Moreover, it does not only appear once.

This clover is considered to describe the current 4 WINNER members. The meaning of this four-leaf clover itself is known to be good luck. In addition, the four-leaf clover also has the meaning of “belief, hope, love, and luck”. The 4-leaf clover is also known to be very difficult to obtain, so its presence is a source of pride.

The mysterious side of WINNER’s upcoming comeback certainly makes fans even more enthusiastic. Moreover, fans have been waiting for WINNER’s new work as a group for more than 2 years.


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