Will Show Another Side Of Suzy, ‘Anna’ Which Was Designed For 5 Years Reaps The Spotlight Of Netizens

‘Anna’ Is An Ambitious Work That Has Been In The Works For 5 Years And Stars Suzy, So It’s Surprising That This Series Is Highly Anticipated And Will Air On Coupang Play.

“Anna” will be an ambitious work that has been in the works for 5 years and of course it’s no surprise that this series is highly anticipated. Coupang Play’s new drama “Anna“, which will soon be released is considered the most anticipated work of the first half of this year due to its solid storyline, cinematic visual beauty and the fact that it features Suzy as the main character.

In addition, “Anna” is attracting attention because it is a rare independent drama and also the first work done by Content Map – a drama production company founded by a management expert for more than 5 years. Besides Suzy, there is also Jung Eun Chae , Kim Jun Han and Park Ye Young who also starred in “Anna”.

Meanwhile, this drama will tell the story of a woman who lives a completely different life starting with a small lie. It was helmed and written by director Lee Joo Young, who was recognized for his directing and workmanship through the 2017 film “A Single Rider” starring Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin .

“Anna” which is a hot topic every time its posters, stills and trailers are released, reveals the opposite of the female protagonist Yumi (played by Suzy), stimulating curiosity about how the story of a woman who lives a life full of lies will be portrayed. Above all, it is raising expectations with the new image that Suzy will display, which has never been seen before.

Another reason to pay attention to “Anna” is that it is the first work presented by the new drama production company, Content Map. Content Map CEO Lee Yoon Gul is an actor management expert who has worked with top actors such as Sol Kyung Gu , Won Bin , Kim Min Hee , Jun Ji Hyun and Gong Yoo for a long time.

Content Map promises to present high-quality content to the public based on the knowledge accumulated over the years CEO Lee worked with actors and his eyes to select well-crafted works. In particular, it is foreseen to produce fresh and original works with new endeavors that cannot be seen in existing OTT dramas or series.

“Anna” which is the starting point, is a work that has been in the works for 5 years. It was reported that CEO Lee devoted his time and effort to completing a work in which the three beats (director, writer, and actor (management)) were in perfect harmony from the early stages of production. In particular, at this time, CEO Lee Yoon Gul, a management expert, is showing his extraordinary insight and ability, completing “Dream Team” with optimal casting and the participation of the best staff in Korea.

As a company headed by a management expert, Content Map has a perfect production system from the first shoot last fall to the last shoot in March, creating the best shooting atmosphere so that everyone who completes the work, including producers, staff, and actors, can really focused on filmmaking. In addition, the COVID-19 quarantine team was operating during filming, so “Anna” was able to complete all filming, including overseas shooting, without being affected during the COVID-19 period. As a result, “Anna” is a work that all the actors and staff put in more than any other drama shooting site.

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