View Of LE SSERAFIM’s OT5 Debut Stage Different From The Initial Formation With Kim Garam


Due To Kim Garam’s Absence, The Other Five Members Were Forced To Practice Again To Modify The Choreography To Suit Their Current Lineup. However OT5 Gets An Explosive Reaction.

LE SSERAFIM appeared in five because Kim Garam had to go on hiatus because of the bullying scandal that involved him. However, the number of views on their performance without Kim Garam is even higher.

After briefly canceling the schedule on ” Music Bank “, LE SSERAFIM returned to appear on music shows even without Kim Garam. This newly debuted girl group performed spectacularly on ” Inkigayo ” on Sunday (22/5) with a five-member formation.

Due to Kim Garam’s absence, the other five members were forced to practice again to modify the choreography to suit their current lineup. But their appearance actually got an explosive reaction.

The LE SSERAFIM video with five members was able to get more than 160 thousand views just a day after it was released. Even though the video of their performance with Kim Garam only got more than 72,000, even after two weeks.

Many said that LE SSERAFIM’s appearance was not affected at all by the absence of Kim Garam. Therefore, netizens are busy supporting groups promoting with only five members or OT5.

However, Korean media HYBE may try to keep Kim Garam in the group. One of the reasons is because Kim Garam holds an important position in the group.

Even though the performance of the five-member group received a good response, LE SSERAFIM is still a 6-member group according to the HYBE strategy. Apart from LE SSERAFIM’s debut album, many plans for future activities have definitely been prepared with the formation of a six-member group.

Therefore, if one of the members is missing from such a grand plan, mistakes may appear in the big picture. In addition, HYBE’s efforts in making Kim Garam’s debut should be considered.


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