Vice Chairman Of Samyang Foods Says Thanks To Jimin Increase Sales Even Though Not Endorsed

Jimin BTS Is One Of The Strongest Brand Models In The World Due To His Immense Global Popularity Stemming From Countless Talents And Charming Points.

Recently the vice chairman of Samyang Foods personally thanked Jimin BTS for the tremendous commercial impact on the brand’s sales. Jimin is one of the strongest brand models in the world due to his immense global popularity stemming from countless talents and charming points.

Not only shines in his career as a vocalist and dancer, but also as a person who is very admirable, warm, kind, and visually captivating. It is for this reason that Jimin gets a lot of support from strong fans around the world.

Fans respect and adore him so much that they are always involved in activities that will make them feel closer to the idol such as buying products related to him. In fact, the Busan-born idol has received much praise from South Korean government officials for his influence in promoting the country’s culture and tourism internationally, and there have been many national projects created in his name for the same purpose.

In particular, in terms of food, Jimin has made a great contribution to the increasing popularity of Korean food internationally, as he was seen eating the dish on various occasions. Korean media have repeatedly reported on foods such as spicy noodles, dumplings, tteokbokki, and more, recording significant sales increases, all thanks to Jimin and his popularity.

A few months ago, BTS held a four-day concert in Las Vegas where the company Samyang Foods was one of the main sponsors for the event. In an interview at the concert venue, one of the company’s staff members said that the company decided to sponsor the show because of the impact Jimin had in popularizing the brand’s products internationally, especially in the US market.

The company’s vice chairman, Kim Jung Soo, then personally expressed his gratitude to Jimin for the huge commercial impact he has had on the sales of the company’s products. “We saw a tremendous commercial impact because Jimin uploaded a video of himself enjoying eating Buldak ramen,” he said.

Jimin deserves a title like “K-Food Frontman” as bestowed on him by the Korean media for cases like this. Jimin is also the nation’s favorite and treasure because of his great influence on the growth and promotion of his country’s culture and thereby enhancing the dynamics of the business economy in the country.

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