Very Attention, SNSD’s Seohyun Gives Na In Woo A Book Gift To Support An Acting Career


In Addition To Building Chemistry, Seohyun Also Supports Na In Woo’s Acting Career By Giving Books As Gifts. This SNSD Member Did This With Some Sweet Reasons.

Building chemistry with drama co-stars for Seohyun of Girls’ Generation is shown by her caring attitude with Na In Woo . Currently the two are greeting viewers in the new KBS2 drama ” Jinxed at First ” showing their chemistry on the drama set in a photo shoot with Singles magazine.

First, in a cute couple photoshoot, Seohyun and Na In Woo brought the atmosphere back to spring with pastel colors, floral decorations, and more. Seohyun opened up about the unique gift she recently gave Na In Woo. Sweetly, Seohyun gave her co-star a book as a gift.

“It was a book called ‘You Just Have To Be Nice To The Nice People’. I gave a copy of the same book to my other playmate, Lee Jun Young from ‘Love and Leashes’, and it was a book I often gave as gifts to people close to me, “Seohyun said revealing the gift she gave to Na In Woo.

“Because I’m working with actors who are younger than me these days, I want them to be successful and I also feel responsible for having to lead them as sunbae artists. I have fond memories of sunbae artists who gave me books when I was young. So I guess it’s my turn to play the role of sunbae artist. They say that giving someone a book is like sharing your outlook on life with that person. I think that might be true,” he revealed, revealing the reason why he wanted to give a book to his co-star.

Besides, the two co-stars revealed that filming for “Jinxed at First” initially started without the female lead. But finally Seohyun came and continued to provide the atmosphere of the shooting location with pleasure.

“We have started filming and Seohyun came and joined us on the set some time later. Because I felt we didn’t have enough time to test our chemistry before she arrived on set, so many worries have been running through my head,” he said. Na In Woo.

“I’m usually worried, so it made things worse. But once he actually came to the set, all those worries just disappeared. As he walked in through the door, it was like bright stage lights were being turned on one by one lighting the way for him and the air was the room completely changed. The atmosphere on the set was full of brightness because of Seohyun,” said Na In Woo with her co-star.

Meanwhile, “Jinxed at First” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. This drama can be watched on streaming platforms like Viu and many more.


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