Unmitigated, PSY Gives Money Tips To Reach Millions Dismantled By Restaurant Owners

A Mom Who Owns A Restaurant In Seoul Exposed PSY’s Generous Attitude That Made Her Keep On Remembering The Moment Because She Received A Fantastic Amount Of Tips From The Solo Singer.

PSY ‘s kindness was expressed by a restaurant owner in Seoul. In episode 155 of TV Chosun’s “Heo Young-man’s Food Travel”, which aired on June 3, actress Seo Young Hee joined a culinary tour to Chungmu-ro.

At that time, Heo Young Man and Seo Young Hee visited a restaurant located in an alley in Sallim-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. The two artists later found a large picture of PSY hanging in the restaurant.

The restaurant owner also confirmed that PSY had come to his restaurant. In fact, PSY is kind enough to tip restaurants for almost the total cost of the meal.

“At that time PSY came and enjoyed a lot of delicious food. He ate about 600 thousand won. But he gave us 400 thousand won tips and then left,” said the restaurant owner recalled.

“So, he really paid 1 million won? PSY is very generous,” said Heo Young Man, who gave praise to the CEO of P Nation. The story of the gourmet PSY raised high expectations for the quality and taste of Heo Young Man and Seo Young Hee’s food.

This restaurant that PSY visited was located in one of the alleys that opened 2 years ago. The business is already running because it sells rice worth 7 thousand won even in the Covid-19 situation.

“My husband and son work in a nearby factory. I have no intention of opening a restaurant. Our relatives tried our food and said they were delicious. Rumors spread from this person to others then we finally opened a restaurant,” explained the restaurant owners.

Seo Young Hee, who then tasted the blue crab, exclaimed that the food at this restaurant was really delicious. “Today’s meal seems to have ended with this one bite,” said Seo Young Hee. Heo Young Man also agrees that the food is indeed delicious. “It’s delicious. I don’t often praise food when it’s just good enough, but I think I feel more alive with this fresh marinated crab,” she said.

Meanwhile, PSY’s tips are countless. Because 400 thousand won is equivalent to 4.6 million rupiah!

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