Unique Looks And Charming Talent, Hyein NewJeans Also Has Extraordinary Wealth?

NewJeans’ Hyein Had An Amazing Career Journey In The South Korean Entertainment Industry Before Her Debut With The Group. In Fact, Hyein Is Also Said To Come From A Rich And Powerful Family Background.

NewJeans rookie girl group continues to be a conversation. Facts about the members of NewJeans continue to be explored. A number of surprising facts came from the maknae, Hyein New Jeans.

Born in 2008, the girl whose real name is Lee Hyein has also successfully attracted public attention since her debut with her unique visual. Hyein was also praised for her confidence and performance on stage.

Debuting at the age of 14, Hyein has made quite a deep impression with her visuals, talent and passion on stage. As well as his rich stage presence.

But it turns out that’s not the only surprising and extraordinary fact about Hyein. Prior to a career with NewJeans, Hyein apparently has also been in the South Korean entertainment industry for a long time.

Hyein had previously been part of the children’s group USSO.GIRL under the stage name U.Jeong. However in 2017 she left the group and started promoting individually as Grace Lee. He later appeared as a cast member of the web program “Pocket TV”, which aired on BoniHani’s YouTube channel.

No wonder Hyein is now able to exude a strong aura of self-confidence after joining NewJeans with such a wealth of experience. Not only that, as a result of his career from an early age, Hyein is also reported to have an extraordinary net worth. According to estimates by Korean media, the youngest member of NewJeans has 1.5 million USD.

Apart from his career, Hyein is also said to come from a rich and powerful family. Hyein’s father is said to be running a business in Incheon while her mother is in charge of managing her activities and other media responsibilities.

Meanwhile, NewJeans’ career in the Kpop industry has been running smoothly at the age of their debut, which is still young. Various achievements have also been achieved by NewJeans.

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