TXT Rarely Comebacks, Big Hit Music Comments Spicy On Not Paying Attention To Groups


TXT Is One Of The Mainstay Boy Groups Under The Auspices Of Big Hit Music Which Has Received A Lot Of Love From Fans. Given That It Is Loved By Many Fans, This One Agency Has Been Criticized For Several Reasons.

As a boy group that has debuted since 2019, TXT is one of the mainstay idols under the auspices of Big Hit Music. In fact, as time goes by TXT continuously gains popularity due to successful and successful debuts.

Therefore, TXT is not a rookie group anymore. A fan expressed his anxiety about TXT’s comeback which was considered less attention.

According to a fan, TXT didn’t have a long career, so it’s questionable why the group’s comeback period took so long. According to fans, so many people joined the fandom in 2021 because of their hits “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You} and “Loser Lover”.

But instead of keeping them busy with a comeback, they sit there doing nothing. Also, what’s worse is that Big Hit is planning to debut their next group this year. They should care more about TXT. the debut team has gone to the United States to practice. Big Hit is very bad at doing their job,” wrote a fan criticizing Big Hit Music.

In response to this, fellow fans expressed similar objections because of TXT’s treatment. Many suspect Big Hit Music’s focus on new groups is the main trigger why TXT’s comeback is so lacking.

“Despite the complaints, they keep making their groups come back at the same time and it makes me very angry. Spread your comebacks a little more separately. They have two groups so I don’t understand why it’s always messy,” commented the fan.

“If TXT returns in May, they will be on hiatus for 9 months. Are they real?” write another comment. Other fans also think that this is like a comedy because they think TXT is considered one of the groups to worry about coming back at the same time as BTS.

“They can’t even manage two groups and everyone is waiting for their comeback, but Big Hit is talking nonsense about debuting a new group,” another commented.

“Not Big Hit but busy HYBE getting bigger so they keep putting their most important group aside, BTS-TXT,” wrote another. “That’s because TXT didn’t reach as big as expected. They made a big deal about new fans joining but it didn’t work out with the general public at all,” commented a netizen from the other side of a fan.

“If TXT returns in May, they will overlap with Seventeen (II) and there are also rumors about BTS returning in May. If they made a comeback in May, wouldn’t Big Hit have a headache here?” wrote another netizen.

Meanwhile, TXT has recently been continuously updating its content on the YouTube channel and is still doing quite a lot of activities. Including one of its members , Yeonjun , who was lined up as an MC on the music program “Inkigayo” so that fans can watch it even though they haven’t produced new music yet.


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