Twins, Red Velvet Joy’s T-Shirt Made More Sexy Than TWICE’s Jihyo?


Red Velvet’s Joy And TWICE’s Jihyo Were Seen Wearing The Exact Same T-Shirt In Their Recent Appearance, But Showing Completely Different Auras From Each Other.

TWICE is known to have just made a comeback with “Talk that Talk”. Currently, the 9 members of TWICE are busy with promotional activities with their new song.

Recently, TWICE did the “Talk that Talk” challenge together with Gong Seung Yeon who is known to be Jeongyeon ‘s older brother . Gong Seung Yoon successfully danced the difficult choreography “Talk that Talk” no less than TWICE members.

The shirt that Jihyo wore in the video with Gong Seung Yeon looked familiar. Jihyo himself appeared wearing a white shirt with a unique style combined with green sweatpants.

The shirt was previously seen worn by Red Velvet’s Joy . Joy wore the t-shirt as airport fashion while heading to Tokyo, Japan for SMTOWN LIVE 2022.

Unlike Jihyo, who looks more casual and simple, Joy looks bolder. Joy combined the white t-shirt with a mini skirt and showed off her abs .

The shirt that Joy is wearing looks shorter than Jihyo’s considering it clearly shows her stomach. However, it seems that this is due to the difference in the choice of the subordinates of the 2 beautiful idols.

Jihyo is known to appear with pants that are worn above the waist. So, the crop top model of the shirt is not too visible.

Joy and Jihyo also made sure their appearance was not too revealing with the “COF T-shirt ni White” shirt from the 604SERVICE brand. The two beautiful idols added white inner behind the shirt. In the original version worn by the model , the strappy side of the shirt is actually much bolder and revealing.


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