Troubles, Love Line Arin Oh My Girl And Yoo In Soo In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Start To Be Anticipated


In The Latest Episode Of ‘Alchemy Of Souls’, Jin Cho Yeon (Arin Oh My Girl) Who Had Annoyed Viewers For Planning To Marry Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook) Was Instead Hit By Rumors With Park Dang Gu (Yoo In Soo).

Arin Oh My Girl ‘s appearance in ” Alchemy of Souls ” began to grow the seeds of annoyance in the minds of viewers. On the other hand, the possibility of a love line between his character and Yoo In Soo is quite interesting.

In “Alchemy of Souls”, Arin plays Jin Cho Yeon, the most popular girl in Daeho who inherits the fame of the Jin noble family. Obsessed with Jang Wook ( Lee Jae Wook ), Jin Cho Yeon is even rumored to be marrying Park Dang Gu (Yoo In Soo). The three of them along with Seo Yul ( Hwang Minhyun ) are representatives of the four seasons of Daeho.

Previously, Jin Cho Yeon had angered fans because of his behavior in trying to slander Mu Deok ( Jung So Min ) and forcing himself to marry Jang Wook. Even the local media called Arin’s character a troublemaker who was hated but also loved by viewers.

“Is it okay? You’ll be embarrassed later,” said Jin Cho Yeon when she found out that they were rumored to be married. “I’m fine,” said Park Dang Gu.

The two of them then looked at each other in the midst of a subtle atmosphere. Park Dang Gu as a symbol of summer is always ready for his friends including Jin Cho Yeon. Even though they have shown sadness when they hear about Jin Cho Yeon and Jang Wook’s remarriage plans, fans are increasingly anticipating the development of their love line since Dang Gu helped Cho Yeon.

“Dang Gu is very sweet to Cho Yeon, he wants to protect her from being embarrassed twice because her marriage is annulled,” said one fan. “I support Dang Gu and Cho Yeon ending up together lol, come on, come on,” continued the other fans.

“They think Cho Yeon and Dang Gu will get married. Aaaa please make them very cute together,” commented a fan. “Park Dang Gu x Jin Co Yeon’s ship is ready to sail! Come on, Co Yeon, just step back, don’t fight for Jang Uk, look, there’s Dang Gu who is ready 24/8 for you,” said another.

Meanwhile, the next episode of “Alchemy of Souls” can be watched on July 16. This drama airs every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 local time.


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