Too Enthusiastic During Fan Service, Yuna ITZY Almost Falls Into Netizen Spotlight


In Front Of The Reporters, When Asked To Show The Highlight Choreography Of ITZY’s New Song ‘SNEAKERS’, Yuna Did So With A Bright Smile, Showing Off The Energy Of A Maknae.

Recently ITZY attended the recording for KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” held at KBS Hall in Seoul on the morning of July 22 (Korean time). On that occasion Yuna waved to the fans who were waiting for ITZY and climbed the stairs to stand in the photo line for journalists to photograph.

At that moment, her left foot got caught on the stairs and Yuna almost fell because she was wearing heels. However, he calmly raised his legs and stood up without falling. Yuna looked surprised while stroking her chest with one hand and then sticking out her tongue and making funny expressions to worried fans.

In front of the reporters, when asked to show the highlight choreography of ITZY’s new song “SNEAKERS”, Yuna did so with a bright smile, showing off the energy of a maknae. Yuna is known in the group as a member who communicates well with fans and often does fanservice.

When all the artists took to the stage ahead of the announcement of the winners on MBC’s “Show Champion” on July 20, Yuna warmly asked the fans who came to watch if they had a cue dinner. In addition, Yuna is also diligent in interacting with the audience by making eye contact and heart poses.

After the photo time, Yuna was the first member to approach the fans and pose for them with a smile. Before entering the building, Yuna waved and smiled brightly at the camera again. ITZY, on the other hand, won first place in the 4th week of July on Music Bank with “SNEAKERS”.


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