Too Enthusiastic, AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk’s Behavior At The Campus Music Festival Was Unexpected


Lee Chan Hyuk AKMU’s Unexpected Behavior When Performing At The Campus Music Festival Was In The Spotlight. Curious Why? Take A Peek At The Snippet And Full Explanation Below.

On Thursday (26/5), AKMU ( Akdong Musician ) performed at the Korea University Festival. They dominated the stage with spectacular performances that drew applause from the audience.

The highlight of the day was Lee Chan Hyuk ‘s “funny behavior” . At first, Lee Chan Hyuk walked on stage casually while following Lee Soo Hyun .

Lee Chan Hyuk couldn’t hide his joy at attending the campus festival after so long. He even rolled forward to express his happiness.

After performing the stunt, Lee Chan Hyuk smiled with satisfaction. But of course, this unexpected behavior immediately shocked the audience who were present there as well as made other netizens laugh out loud.

“Look at him so excited to do that haha,” said a netizen. “It seems he is really happy to be able to appear at the campus festival after a long time,” added another netizen.

“Hahaha the show opened with Lee Chan Hyuk’s hilarious behavior. Isn’t he very funny?” said another netizen. “I really like him. He always knows an interesting way to entertain us,” concluded the other netizens and many more.

Meanwhile, AKMU is a music duo under the record label YG Entertainment consisting of brothers Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun. They won the talent competition for the second season of the series “K-Pop Star”.


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