HomeKorean CultureThis NCT DREAM Jeno’s Body Parts Makes You Fail To Focus When Watching ‘KPop.Flex’ In Germany

This NCT DREAM Jeno’s Body Parts Makes You Fail To Focus When Watching ‘KPop.Flex’ In Germany

This NCT DREAM Jeno’s Body Parts Makes You Fail To Focus When Watching ‘KPop.Flex’ In Germany

Of Course, The Members Light Up The Stage With Charismatic Performances. But Now That The Group’s Vlog Has Been Released, NCTzen Is Really Amazed By The Visuals That Jeno Presents.

Fans know that NCT DREAM ‘s Jeno has amazing visuals, as well as his muscular physique. However, when the behind-the-scenes vlog of NCT DREAM from their trip to Germany was uploaded, Jeno quickly gained attention for the main appearance he presented.

As a visual member of the group, Jeno always receives praise for his muscular physique. In fact, in a recent interview, all of the members even admitted to wondering if the veins on Jeno’s famous arm would one day “burst”.

“Have you ever peeked at the ‘vines’ on Jeno’s arms and wondered if the veins would burst?” thus the question posed to NCT DREAM. Suddenly all the members showed finger hearts which stated the answer “yes”.

Last May, NCT DREAM appeared at the “KPop.Flex” event which was held in Frankfurt, Germany in front of 44 thousand people. Of course, the members lit up the stage with their charismatic performances and striking visuals. But now that the group’s vlog has been released, NCTzen is really amazed by the visuals that Jeno presents.

After the show ended, the vlog showed all the members greeting the camera as they returned to the locker room backstage. Because it was stifling after the show, Jeno who had taken off his jacket instantly caught everyone’s attention when he entered, showing off his sculpted arms.

The members then filmed a message for the fans, and Jeno’s jacket was still not worn. Renjun stood in the middle of the camera frame while Jeno and Jaemin stood on either side. They did their best to convey their sincere appreciation to NCTzen, even though many NCTzens themselves had a hard time paying attention to their words when Jeno was in the frame.

In a hilarious way, fans pointed out that whoever edited the video knew what they were doing because when the video was uploaded to YouTube, Jaemin, Renjun, and Jeno’s moments were used for thumbnails. Soon, #THE THUMBNAIL started trending on Twitter.

While the vlog was meant to show behind the scenes of NCT DREAM’s performance at one of the biggest K-Pop events of the year, Jeno left NCTzen unable to concentrate on anything other than his visuals and insane physique.

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