This Is What Kang Daniel Said After It Was Reported That He Was In A Car With Kim Sae Ron During The DUI Incident


The YouTuber Accused A Male Actor Of Being In The Passenger Seat. The YouTuber Chose A Photo Of Kim Sae Ron And Kang Daniel As A Thumbnail, Sparking Rumors That Kang Daniel Was In The Passenger Seat.

Rumors that Kang Daniel sat in the passenger seat in the car that Kim Sae Ron was driving when drunk were first raised by a YouTuber Caracula TV who has 340 thousand subscribers. Responding to these rumors, the former Wanna One personnel immediately provided clarification.

In the video, the YouTuber accuses a male actor of being in the passenger seat. The YouTuber chose a photo of Kim Sae Ron and Kang Daniel as a thumbnail, sparking rumors that Kang Daniel was in the passenger seat.

However, the photo is from 2018 and was uploaded to Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram. At that time, Kim Sae Ron was attending the Wanna One concert. “Not the end but a new beginning. I will always support you, brother,” he wrote at the time.

Kang Daniel’s representatives wasted no time in denying the rumors. “Kang Daniel is busy preparing his first full album. There is no way he drank. The photo used in the video was taken a long time ago. We are currently investigating the content of the video,” said Kang Daniel’s representative.

According to the police, the passenger in Kim Sae Ron’s car was a non-celebrity woman in her 20s. Due to the large number of witnesses, there would be no way to hide the fact that it was a male actor if that was the case.

Meanwhile, on May 19, Kim Sae Ron apologized for driving under the influence. The actress admitted her mistake and expressed regret over the drunken deposit controversy.


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