This Is The Reason Jang Nara Feels Comfortable Being Single Before Meeting Her Future Husband

While Her Friends Date And Get Married, Jang Nara Is Still Living A Happy Single Life. Talking About This, The Actress Said That She Always Believed In Fate.

Before announcing his marriage at the age of 41, Jang Nara had a single life for quite a long time. What made the actress feel at home being single for a long time before meeting her future husband?

Jang Nara entered the entertainment industry in 2000 as a singer under SM. She then started acting in films and achieved much success as an actress. In addition, he also received a lot of praise for his beautiful visuals at the age of 41.

On the other hand, Jang Nara’s personal life is also attracting public attention. While her friends date and get married, Jang Nara is still living a happy single life. Talking about this, the actress said that she always believed in fate. “It’s not that I don’t want to get married, if I can’t meet true love, what can I do but enjoy the single life?”

In a TV program, Jang Nara revealed her ideal type of boyfriend and has never changed her boyfriend’s taste since entering the entertainment world until now. For him, a partner just needs someone who is kind, mature, and has a clear career direction. “I’m mature enough not to go after flashy things like looks, I don’t emphasize anything other than personality.”

During her more than 20 years in the entertainment industry, Jang Nara has often been caught up in dating rumors with many of her co-stars. Previously, the actress was also rumored to have chosen a wedding dress with Park Bo Gum . There was even some information that Jang Nara was married to actor Kim Nam Gil , but her management company denied it afterwards. After the above rumors, Jang Nara always kept her distance from her male colleagues.

It is known, the actress once hoped to get married at the age of 37 and give birth before the age of 40. However, his wish was only granted at the age of 41 years. On the morning of June 3, 2022, he announced his upcoming wedding to fans. Accordingly, Jang Nara revealed that her husband is 6 years younger than her, and the two had been together for 2 years before deciding to get married.

He also doesn’t reveal much about his fiancĂ© as he worries it will affect his work and life. “I love her beautiful smile, kind and sincere heart, and most importantly, the way she is so full of sincerity and works with all her heart. The thought of spending my life with such an amazing person makes me so happy that I couldn’t ask for more and I want to honestly share my joy with all of you.”

Jang Nara confirmed that she will remain an actress who dedicates herself to her work and audience even though she is getting married. After getting married later, he will also star in a new work.

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