These Are The 2 Reasons Why HYBE Can’t Let Go Of Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM?

According To Korean Media, There Are Two Possible Reasons To Explain Why HYBE Tried To Keep Kim Garam In The Group Even Though The Bullying Scandal Had A Bad Impact On Them.

Despite the negative impact of Kim Garam ‘s bullying scandal on LE SSERAFIM and HYBE, the company still defends the idol and tries to defend him. Korean media discussed the possible reasons why HYBE couldn’t release Kim Garam.

People in the industry believe that the controversy surrounding LE SSERAFIM has had a negative impact on the company’s performance. With the recent global expansion of the Korean Wave and the increasing social influence of K-Pop idols, the moral standard for idols has also been raised.

According to Korean media, there are two possible reasons to explain why HYBE is trying to keep Kim Garam in the group. First, Kim Garam holds an important position in the group.

Even though the performance of the five-member group received a good response, LE SSERAFIM is still a 6-member group according to the HYBE strategy. Apart from LE SSERAFIM’s debut album, many plans for future activities have definitely been prepared with the formation of a six-member group.

Therefore, if one of the members is missing from such a grand plan, mistakes may appear in the big picture. In addition, HYBE’s efforts in making Kim Garam’s debut should be considered.

Another reason was the possibility of rumors about Kim Garam being exaggerated. HYBE acknowledged and apologized for some of Kim Garam’s inappropriate words and actions but denied most of the rumors and called them malicious attacks.

Of course, Kim Garam would be severely punished if proven guilty. Considering the pain the victim was in, this crime shouldn’t be easy to pardon. However, since nothing has been confirmed, there is still the possibility of malicious rumors being created by people targeting celebs.

If rumors of Kim Garam are blown up, the claim that he should be sentenced to life for the mistakes he made as a minor could be a bit harsh on both him and HYBE. For this reason, it is widely believed that Kim Garam’s right and wrong should be considered carefully.

An official from the idol industry said, “We must first determine whether Kim Garam’s past mistakes can seek public understanding. We have to distinguish them legally, but we have to make sure for the victims.”

“The same goes for Kim Garam himself. If he makes a mistake, he must take responsibility. After that, we have to decide if he can be active,” he continued.

An official from an idol agency added, “Since idol-centered K-Pop has become popular worldwide and affects youth in various countries, not only singing, dancing and appearance, but also personality has become an important evaluation factor.”

“Even though idols go into strict management from a young age, they have to take care of themselves first. We are having conversations with the trainees about their past so as not to cause controversy.”

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