There Is A Moment Of Sleeping Together To Excessive Skinship, ‘Eden, Descendants Of Instinct’ Reaps Controversy


The Reality Dating Program ‘Eden, Descendants Of Instinct’ Has Drawn Controversy For Presenting Too Vulgar Content. Check Out The Full News Below.

The iHQ dating program ” Eden, Descendants Of Instinct ” immediately attracted controversy when it aired its first episode on Tuesday (14/6). The show was criticized for presenting too vulgar content.

“Eden, Descendants of Instinct” is also often referred to as the Korean version of ” Too Hot To Handle “. It is a dating reality program that brings together a number of men and women to find their love. They are welcome to seek true love regardless of each other’s age or wealth while living in the same Eden’s House.

In addition, the concept of the show requires contestants to speak informally which is quite contrary to Korean society’s culture. “Eden, Descendants of Instinct” also lacks other aspects that set it apart from other dating shows, thus choosing to feature a lot of skinship even from the first episode.

After the first episode was broadcast, some viewers felt uncomfortable with the vulgar content presented by this program. At the first meeting on the beach, all the cast appeared in swimsuits that exposed their bodies.

In addition, in the first activity, there was a scene where the male participant touched the female participant’s buttocks under the pretext of “protecting” it from the ball in order to win the game. They even moved together as if they were one body.

“Eden House” has 4 rooms for 3 and 2 people. There is a rule that participants must use rooms with the opposite sex unconditionally. In addition, a high-level “bed date” where male and female contestants sleep together is also broadcast on the small screen.

In the scene where they sleep together under the same blanket, the production team even included an overly sensual caption, “Soft… that’s too hard.” Viewers also said that the “bed allocation rights” given to the mission winners could be a “crime in society”.

Above all, the program has been criticized for being rated PG-15 instead of PG-19. There were many netizens who thought that the content was too vulgar for a show that was only rated PG-15.

The three MCs, namely Lee Hongki F.T. Island , Apink ‘s Bomi and Simez were even surprised by the provocative content. They made comments like, “This is the most intense dating program I’ve ever seen”, “Can this be broadcast?” and “That’s too close.”

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