The Shortest, The Power Of BTS’s V Successfully Makes This Wooga Squad Member Hurt

Although V Is Tall In BTS, But In Wooga Squad, He Is The Shortest Member. However, Even Though It Is Shorter, It Does Not Mean That Its Strength Is Not Up To Standard.

V BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) showed off his incredible strength during the first episode of ” In The SOOP: Friendcastion ” of Wooga Squad. Despite being the shortest, V is definitely the strongest member.

As the maknae, V was treated specially and given a lot of attention from the older members, such as Park Seo Joon , Park Hyungsik , Choi Woo Shik and Peakboy .

Although V is tall in BTS, but in Wooga Squad, he is the shortest member. In particular, Peakboy is known for his height of 188 cm which is definitely very tall compared to V.

However, even though it’s shorter, it doesn’t mean that his strength isn’t up to par, Peakboy learned this the hard way during the premiere episode.

During the episode, the holiday was still enlivened by only three members. V with Peakboy and Park Seo Joon ended the day with matching clothes and playing games together to relax.

V wins in one of the games and the penalty goes to Peakboy. Like many games in K-Pop, the loser has to get a snap from the winner and this time is no exception.

V initially joked that he would punch him instead and Peakboy made the point. “I don’t like it when people take me for granted,” said the owner of the name Kim Taehyung.

As V prepares to give punishment, Park Seo Joon persuades V to slap Peakboy right on the forehead. According to hyung, V quickly turned it into a slap at the last minute and shocked Peakboy with his strength.

As soon as V’s palm hit Peakboy’s head, the rapper fell to the ground dramatically. From every angle and from the sound, it is evident that the V is very powerful.

Immediately after the slap, both V and Park Seo Joon burst out laughing. Peakboy started rubbing his head, adding in pain, “How could you slap me.”

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