The Scene Of Kim Min Kyu Being Deleted By The ‘Business Proposal’ Team Sparks Anger, Why?

Netizens Became Furious When They Discovered That Kim Min Kyu’s Scene From Episode 7 Of ‘Business Proposal’ Was Omitted. Take A Peek At The Portrait Of The Scene And The Following Netizen Responses.

” Business Proposal ” is currently one of the most popular dramas. However, the production team is facing criticism for allegedly cutting many scenes from the supporting couple, namely Cha Sung Hoon ( Kim Min Kyu ) and Jin Young Seo ( Seol In A ).

Recently netizens found a scene from episode 7 that was deleted. In this scene, Cha Sung Hoon hears two strange men talking about a relationship similar to what happened between him and Jin Young Seo.

Out of curiosity, he listened intently and even asked them for advice. Her expression during this moment looks so cute that it makes viewers excited.

When this scene was leaked, viewers were a little disappointed that they couldn’t witness Cha Sung Hoon’s adorable moments. In addition, there were many people who expressed their anger at thinking that the support couple’s screen share was quite small.

“They are called supporting characters just to make it easier for us to distinguish the two couples. Actually, this couple is also in the main line. Even though they appear on posters and character diagrams, their screen time is much less than others,” said one netizen.

“This is very boring. Not only because the drama is short, but also many scenes are omitted,” added another netizen. “The poster displays the four main characters. Too bad two of them don’t appear on the screen much,” said other netizens and many more.

Meanwhile, “Business Proposal” only leaves two final episodes and will end on Tuesday (5/4). With two episodes remaining, viewers are curious about whether the two drama couples will be able to overcome the challenges in their relationship, namely getting the blessing of their families.

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