The Moment IU Reprimanded The Bodyguard Who Pushed Fans Into Conversation

IU’s Arrival At The Airport Was Greeted Enthusiastically By Fans And Reporters. Even While Walking, The ‘Blueming’ Singer Had To Be Escorted By A Line Of Bodyguards.

IU arrived at Incheon International Airport on Monday (30/5). The 1993-born idol had just arrived from France after attending the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. IU arrived with the other ” Broker ” film players .

IU’s arrival was greeted enthusiastically by fans and reporters. Even while walking, the “Blueming” singer had to be escorted by a line of bodyguards so he could get to his pick-up car.

However, because it was very crowded, the bodyguard seemed to encourage some fans. IU who saw it immediately grabbed the bodyguard’s arm and gave a warning. “Please, don’t push them too hard,” said IU.

When a reporter fell because of the chaotic crowd, IU immediately showed her concern by asking “Are you okay?”. He continued to mediate between bodyguards and fans until he was able to get into the car.

After witnessing this moment, netizens were busy praising IU’s attention. “IU is really an angel,” wrote a netizen. “Anyone would be nervous in front of a crowd,” continued another.

“It’s hard for the bodyguards not to do it. If they don’t do that, the order of the crowd will not be maintained,” continued another netizen. “IU and bodyguards work very hard,” concluded other netizens.

In a recent interview, she shared her feelings about being invited to the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. “It’s amazing (to be in Cannes) and I’m still confused whether I’m in Yeouido (a city in Korea) or Cannes,” said IU.

“Only when I see a stranger, I say, ‘Ah, I’m in Cannes’. Without the slightest bit of humility, I just feel that I’m really a lucky person,” concluded IU.

Meanwhile, IU got a Best Actress nomination for her acting in “Broker” but unfortunately she didn’t win. Interestingly, IU’s co-star Song Kang Ho managed to bring home the Best Actor trophy.

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