The Governor Even Intervened, This Is The Totality Of Las Vegas To Welcome The BTS Concert


The BTS Members Have Arrived In The United States To Prepare For Their North American Tour ‘Permission To Dance On Stage – Las Vegas’ Which Will Take Place From April 8-9 And April 15-16 At Allegiant Stadium.

It’s no secret that Bangtan Boys aka BTS has become one of the biggest artists globally and has millions of fans following them. Therefore, the BTS concert was also on another level as they had to find a place that could accommodate the hundreds of thousands of fans who would flock to see the boy group’s performance.

BTS members have arrived in the United States to prepare for their North American tour “Permission to Dance on Stage – Las Vegas” which will take place from April 8-9 and April 15-16 at the $1.9 Billion Allegiant Stadium. As the performance date draws near, details of the recent concert have been revealed, and netizens are amazed by the grand scale of the concert. Not only will the stadium where the concert takes place be magnificent, but the merchandise for the concert and other events will also be on a different level.

A photo exhibition will be held, and various merchandise will be sold at the opening of a pop-up shop at ARENA14, an entertainment complex. Michelin Star Chef Baek Seung Wook has designed all the menus in the pop-up cafe where you can sample BTS’s Korean course menu. Fans can also watch the Fountains of Bellagio water show with BTS music during concert days.

There will also be a party after the concert at the Las Vegas Club. Eleven hotels affiliated with MGM Resorts prepared a limited number of BTS item packages in hotel rooms where currently, all BTS-themed rooms are sold out. BTS-themed hotels and merchandise will be prepared at locations near Allegiant Stadium. The governor of Nevada even tweeted a welcome message for BTS sharing the excitement of this grand event.

” I’m not a fan but this is so crazy. Wow, this is a completely different level. It’s really on a different scale,” commented the netter. ” The whole city is preparing for a concert. I’m very jealous, the concert looks very fun. I hope Korea also does something like that,” said another. ” I really want to go too. BTS is a star who is welcomed by the whole world. This is very Daebak,” concluded another.


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