The ‘Big Mouth’ Production Team Bebers The Charm Of 2 Handsome Cameos In Lee Jong Suk-YoonA’s Household


MBC Has Released A New Teaser For The Drama ‘Big Mouth’ Which Shows Two New Figures In The Married Life Of Lee Jong Suk And Girls’ Generation’s YoonA. Ready To Watch?

MBC drama “Big Mouth” has been attracting fans’ attention since the cast was announced. This drama is Lee Jong Suk ‘s comeback after his vacuum due to military service.

“Big Mouth” also fulfills fans’ wishes for Lee Jong Suk and his best friend, YoonA Girls’ Generation to compete in acting. The two of them even become husband and wife in this drama.

“Big Mouth” is a noir drama starring Lee Jong Suk as Park Chang Ho, a third-rate lawyer who ends up in charge of a murder case that turns him overnight into a genius con man known as “Big Mouse”. To survive and protect his family, a “big-mouthed” lawyer must uncover a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper class.


In the first episode, “Big Mouth” showed the life of Park Chang Ho and Go Mi Ho, played by YoonA, which unfortunately did not go well. Next shocked Park Chang Ho with a car accident.

July 30, ahead of the airing of the latest episode, a snapshot of the next episode of “Big Mouth” was shown. The moment shows Park Chang Ho, Go Mi Ho, and his father Go Ki Kwang, played by Lee Ki Young. The three have problems with their neighbors Yoo Su Bin and Kim Do Wan. Unlike Go Mi Ho who was furious for some reason, Yoo Su Bin and Kim Do Wan looked amused and mischievous.

The relationship between neighbors in “Big Mouth” will make you curious. Moreover, the appearance of Yoo Su Bin and Kim Do Hwan as cameos to support the director of “Big Mouth”, Oh Choong Hwan in “Start-Up”.

The production team said that the acting of the 2 actors who gave special appearances was worth looking forward to. Yoo Su Bin and Kim Do Hwan will make viewers fall in love.

“Actors Yoo Su Bin and Kim Do Wan will show their unique presence in the second episode, which will air on July 30, with their realistic acting, adding to the viewers’ immersion,” said the production team.


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