Sweeps 15 Places On Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales, BTS Matches Metallica’s Achievements To The Beatles

June 21 Local Time, Billboard Officially Announced That BTS Has Swept All 15 Spots On The Latest World Digital Song Sales Chart With An Impressive All-Kill.

Recently, Bangtan Boys , aka BTS, has officially taken over the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. On June 21 local time, Billboard officially announced that BTS had swept all 15 spots on the latest World Digital Song Sales chart with an impressive all-kill.

For the week ending June 25, every spot on the World Digital Song Sales chart goes to one of the songs from BTS’ new anthology album “Proof.” The album’s three new songs debut at the top of the charts, with the title track “Yet to Come” at No. 1 and B-sides “Run BTS” and “For Youth” at No. 2 and No. 3 respectively, while BTS’s remake of “Born Singer” entered the chart at number 4.

The rest of the chart is dominated by previously released BTS hits, all of which are re-entries except for their 2013 title track “NO” (which has never made it to the World Albums chart before. Whereas after “Proof” made a historic debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 (Billboard’s weekly ranking of the most popular albums in the United States), Billboard has now revealed more of BTS’s achievements on the charts this week.

BTS also topped no fewer than nine different Billboard charts this week, with “Proof” entering five separate charts at No. 1. The anthology album, which achieved the biggest selling week in the US of any album by the group this year despite being composed mostly of of the previously released song, it debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200, the Top Albums Sales chart, the Current Popular Album Sales chart, the World Albums chart, and the Tastemaker Albums chart.

Including “Proof”, BTS has now topped Billboard’s Top Albums Sales chart with six different albums meaning the only group in history to have achieved more No. 1 on the charts are The Beatles , Metallica , and the Dave Matthews Band .

Meanwhile, BTS’s new title track “Yet to Come” was the best-selling song in the United States this week, sweeping the No. 1 on three different charts: the Digital Song Sales chart, the World Digital Song Sales chart (where it swept all 15 spots on the chart), and Global Excl. US chart. “Yet to Come” also debuted at No. 13 on Billboard’s Hot 100 (weekly ranking of the most popular songs in the United States) while BTS’ new B-side “Run BTS” enters the chart at No. 73 an impressive feat for two non-English language tracks.

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