Surrounded By Cogan, Jung So Min Explains Her Relationship With Lee Jae Wook Cs In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’

In The Special Broadcast Of ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Which Aired On Sunday (14/8), Jung So Min Explained Her Relationship With The Characters Lee Jae Wook, Hwang Minhyun And Shin Seung Ho. Here’s The Full Narrative.

TvN has broadcast a special broadcast of ” Alchemy of Souls ” on Sunday (14/8). In this broadcast, the cast revealed various interesting behind-the-scenes stories of the drama.

Jung So Min , who plays Mu Deok, talked about “the secret of being liked by three handsome men”. The three men are Jang Wook ( Lee Jae Wook ), Seo Yul ( Hwang Minhyun ) and Crown Prince Go Won ( Shin Seung Ho ).

Regarding Mu Deok’s relationship with Jang Wook, Jung So Min explained, “The first with Wook is a relationship where emotions are created after forming a teacher-student relationship for each other’s purposes.”

He continued, “With Yul, another relationship took place there because there was already a narrative they had built in the past. Whereas the Crown Prince seems curious about her because of her tiki-taka with Nak Su’s frank and outspoken nature currently in her body. Mu Deok.”

The chemistry bromance between Jang Wook and the Crown Prince is also attracting a lot of attention. Especially when their hearts were pounding because of each other while holding the yin and yang jade.

Oh Na Ra said, “Author, what do you mean by this? I’m very curious.” Arin Oh My Girl added, “I was really surprised that the OST song suddenly played in that part.”

Lee Jae Wook himself liked the unexpected romance of his character. He shared, “I gave them a 98 out of 100.” Shin Seung Ho who felt embarrassed immediately grumbled, “I just want them to leave me.”

Hwang Min Hyun seemed to represent the audience as he said, “There are many people who like the chemistry of the Crown Prince and Wook. I personally like it too. Please make more heart-fluttering bromance scenes in the future.”

Meanwhile, “Alchemy of Souls” only leaves four final episodes and will end on August 28. Later this drama airing slot will be replaced with ” Little Women ” starring Kim Go Eun , Nam Ji Hyun and Park Ji Hu .

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