Super Junior’s Siwon Said This When He Said He Never Got Malicious Comments


Siwon Shared About Hate Comments And Talked About An Incident That Happened In 2018 When He Went To Malaysia To Attend A Conference Focused On Cyberbullying.

Super Junior ‘s Choi Siwon recently opened up in an interview. The singer-actor talked about the time someone told him he couldn’t relate to cyberbullying because of the love of his fans.

Siwon sat down for an interview with People magazine, where he talked about being a UNICEF ambassador, his role models, and more. In the interview, he also opened up about hate comments, and talked about an incident that happened in 2018 when he went to Malaysia to attend a conference focused on cyberbullying.

While at the conference, someone asked Siwon’s opinion on what to do about hate comments. The person is under the impression that as a K-Pop idol, Siwon has never received any hate.

“As a K-pop artist, you receive so much love and support from fans so I guess you might not be related to our struggle. What would you do if you received hate comments like that online?” the person asked.

Siwon revealed that he was surprised at first. But then the singer who debuted in 2015 responded by telling his story and his battle with online hate, and how he overcame it.

“I was a little surprised when I first heard this question, but I calmly shared my response and talked about the time I received more than a thousand hate comments online, and how at that time, I was shaken and scared,” said Siwon.

He continued, “However, what I realized is that people can talk about me online, but those words have no physical power over me. I tell them not to be afraid, and if they are tired or having a hard time, let them know. me because I will be there.”

Siwon also shared how, after his reply, people from the conference texted him, thanking him for his courage and for sharing his journey.

“After the conference, I was on my way to the airport to go to Brunei. I was checking my social accounts, and although I can’t immediately check the DMs I get from people I don’t follow, two messages caught my attention today. that. They are from two different individuals, and they sent me a message to convey that they had considered making some extreme decisions but gained the courage and changed their minds after hearing me speak.”

“Many ambassadors make field trips to provide assistance, but I realized that my calling as part of UNICEF could be more for people online. It was a moment that really influenced me to use my voice to speak up and protect the community’s young users. online that exist all over the world,” said Siwon.


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