‘Street Man Fighter’ Dancer Criticized After Being Considered Mockery NewJeans Dance

A Male Dancer Suspected Of Being Part Of The YGX Crew Was Seen Dancing To The Core Choreography Of “Hype Boy” With Other Dancers. But They Show Exaggerated Facial Expressions And Dancing.

Some ” Street Man Fighter ” dancers have recently drawn criticism from netizens. Because the boys were seen imitating the dance from the song “Hype Boy” by NewJeans but with a mocking choreography.

A male dancer allegedly from the YGX crew is seen dancing to the core choreography of “Hype Boy” with other dancers in a video uploaded on TikTok. But they show exaggerated facial expressions and dancing.

Seeing the video, one Twitter user wrote, “After seeing their NewJeans ‘Hype Boy’ dance video I became very, very, very uncomfortable. It’s so sad that people who call themselves dancers shoot videos like jokes and upload them themselves. Loll. ”

Another Twitter user also compared the boys’ dance to a cover by one of the “Street Man Fighter” crew members, EODDAE. They previously also uploaded a dance cover of “Hype Boy”.

There, the EODDAE members were seen dancing more seriously and trying their best to finish the choreography of the song “Hype Boy”. Many finally criticized the dancers who allegedly mocked the NewJeans. The TikTok video itself has been removed.

“Did they do that to be funny?” wrote one netizen. “Do they really want to do that? They are very similar to the dancers in the video below,” added another. “Why are they like this? So annoying,” added another.

“I’m really watching this without facial expressions because it’s not funny. Besides, they don’t even dance well,” said another. “Their levels are very low. Are they crazy or what?” concluded the other netizens.

Meanwhile, “Street Man Fighter” has been airing since last August 23. This program featured 8 crew members from Bank Two Brothers, EO_DDAE, Mbitious, YGX, 1MILLION, We Dem Boyz, Just Jerk, and PRIME KINGZ.

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