Streaming Domination In Japan, Twice-BTS Successfully Wins Gold And Platinum Certificates At RIAJ

According To The Recording Industry Association Of Japan’s New System (RIAJ) Songs Are Certified Silver After Reaching 30 Million Streams, Gold At 50 Million Streams, And Platinum At 100 Million Streams.

Recently the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) has announced its newest official certification. In 2020, the RIAJ implemented a new certification system for streaming songs online, in addition to the existing certification system for physical album submissions and digital download sales.

According to the new system, songs are certified silver after reaching 30 million streams, gold at 50 million streams, and platinum at 100 million streams. In the newly announced RIAJ certification batch (dated February 2022), Twice and Bangtan Boys received new official certifications for streaming.

Twice’s hit song “Fancy” is officially certified platinum after surpassing 100 million streams, making it the group’s third song after “Feel Special” and “I CAN’T STOP ME” to go platinum for streaming in Japan. Meanwhile, BTS’s 2016 hit “Blood Sweat & Tears” was also officially certified gold after surpassing 50 million streams.

Fans and netizens then flocked to give various congratulations and claim to be proud of their achievements. Meanwhile, Twice recently officially announced that they will be holding an encore concert for their fourth world tour “III” in Los Angeles this coming May.

” Bangtan covers all metrics and markets!! Let’s get friends!!! Good job, collect those certificates!!” netter comments. ” CONGRATULATIONS BTS KINGS & TWICE QUEENS. And can we all agree BTS and Twice have Japan. Like they dominate me in my opinion for kpop groups,” said another. ” Just Nation’s groups stuff. FANCYYYYYYY 100M!! congrats Twice and BTS!” concluded another.

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