Strange, TWICE’s Nayeon’s Instagram Is Suspected Of Errors After Some Users Don’t Follow Her Account

A Number Of Netizens Realized That There Was A Strange Activity That They Did Not Do On Instagram, Namely Following TWICE’s Nayeon Account, Thereby Raising Suspicions That Something Was Wrong.

Recently, many netizens have claimed that they suddenly followed TWICE’s Nayeon’s Instargram even though they had never seen the page or had never followed the idol himself voluntarily. This issue started popping up via online communities earlier this week as many shared comments on a similar incident.

Some comments started popping up like, “I never followed her but my account keeps saying I’m following Nayeon.” Then, “Why did I suddenly follow TWICE’s Nayeon?” , “I’ve never followed Nayeon’s Instagram but for some reason it says I follow her,” , “I saw another post like this yesterday about Nayeon too,” wrote netizens protesting their Instagram activity.

Then, a netizen took to the popular online community to claim that their Instagram account was suddenly deleted with a notification that the user did not comply with Instagram’s rules and conditions on Saturday (4/6). First, users receive several notifications asking them to verify their information. Then, suddenly, they received a strange message from a friend saying that the friend was following Nayeon on Instagram, when they never meant to.

After some investigation, the user whose Instagram account was deleted noticed that every one of his past Instagram followers is now following TWICE’s Nayeon on Instagram. Even her acquaintances who are in their 40-50s don’t know who Nayeon is.

The user explained that their own name was also “Nayeon” and a similar problem occurred to another user with the same name as the TWICE member. A user also revealed that they had experienced a similar problem, and that their name was “Chaeyoung”. Others claimed that their names were not “Nayeon” but ended with “-yeon” and their Instagram accounts were also deleted.

In particular, one of the “victims” of this incident revealed that they were an Instagram influencer with about 230 thousand followers. However, as of June 1st, his Instagram account has been deleted. All of her followers from the deleted account including her family members who now follow TWICE’s Nayeon.

The user stated that as an influencer , the sudden deletion of his Instagram account could lead to the cancellation of the advertising contract potentially causing him to pay a fine for breach of contract. So far, based on many accounts of similar incidents, it is believed that a user with a name identical to TWICE’s Nayeon has deleted their Instagram account and their followers are “transferred” to this TWICE member’s account.

Many netizens voiced their criticism of Instagram as well as the potential causes behind the incident. This is because several “victims” have stated that they may suffer heavy losses and regretted that Nayeon’s name had to be dragged down.

“This sounds serious. Instagram better fix it”, commented a netizen. “OMG I also followed Nayeon on Instagram recently, and I was surprised. But I also have a friend whose name is Nayeon,” wrote another. “I’ve seen a lot of posts about Nayeon and Instagram lately”, another commented.

“Is this a new way to buy followers on Instagram?” write another. “How did this happen?? This is damaging for everyone involved with the same name, and for the idol Nayeon as well. Instagram needs to sort this out,” commented a netizen.

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