‘Stamped’ By The Son Of A Dictator, Sitala Officially Leaves H1-KEY, Reaps Unexpected Reactions

It Was Recently Reported That Sitala, Who Is A Thai Idol, Officially Left The Group After Only Five Months Of Debut. However, The Public’s Reaction Was Unexpected Which They Celebrated.

Recently, a girl group that has just debuted is experiencing serious problems where the members are not well received by the public due to their background and past records. Like Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM , who was involved in a bullying scandal, many criticized his agency for still debuting the idol.

Now, it is reported that Sitala H1-KEY left the group after five months of officially debuting. On Wednesday (25/5), the girl group’s agency, GLG, released an official announcement that Sitala left the group.

“We would like to inform that member Sitala who has been a part of H1-KEY until now has decided to leave the group due to personal reasons,” said the agency.

The agency revealed that they had thoroughly discussed the matter with Sitala herself and the other H1-KEY members. We ask for your warm encouragement for Sitala’s future, and also to the remaining H1-KEY members who plan to continue on the path to their dreams once again. Thank you, the agency concluded.

Sitala’s departure was actually welcomed by the public considering that previously her background had been revealed and many did not agree with her activities as a Korean idol. Please note that Sitala is an idol from Thailand who debuted with H1-KEY. However, controversy about him began to be protested because of his father’s political background .

According to rumors, Sitala’s father, who is a well-known actor in Thailand named Sarunyu Wongkrachang, supported the call for a coup by the military in 2014. For this, Thailand was involved in a series of protests and riots that caused the country to become chaotic, so many blamed Sitala’s father’s attitude. This is because it supports parties who are detrimental to society.

Due to her father’s background, Sitala was rejected by the public after it was revealed that she would debut with H1-KEY. Sitala himself is also accused of supporting dictatorships like his father because he cites Sarunyu Wongkrachang as a role model.

Meanwhile, although it was not publicly explained whether Sitala’s departure was due to his reputation being rejected. However, the departure of this one idol actually received full support from the public. H1-KEY made their debut earlier this year on January 5th with their first single album “Athletic Girl” and has 4 members now one of them is leaving.

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