Sorn Reveals The Reasons Behind CLC’s Disbandment, Turns Out It’s All Cube Entertainment’s Fault


During The Interview, Thai K-Pop Idol Sorn Shared About The Real Reason CLC Disbanded And How The Group’s Agency Cube Entertainment Contributed To It.

On June 10, former CLC member Sorn did an interview with the YouTube channel . During the interview, the idol revealed unheard-of stories about the group including the factors that led to them disbanding after seven years.

On May 20, Cube Entertainment first announced the disbandment of CLC. In an official statement posted on the group’s fan community, the company said, “We sincerely thank fans for their continuous love and support for CLC over the past seven years. CLC’s activities have officially ended.”

Although fans are very sad and heartbroken about CLC’s disbandment, some people are already anticipating it due to the departure of the members from Cube Entertainment prior to disbandment including Elkie , Sorn, Yeeun and Seungyeon .

However, during a recent broadcast, Sorn explained that the real reason for CLC’s disbandment was actually because of Cube’s new plans for the group. Ahead of their seventh year and contract extension, Sorn revealed that the team spoke to their company about their desire to continue promoting as a group.

But Cube wants them to promote individually as solo artists. Since the members saw no reason to stay with the company if they weren’t going to be promoted as a group, this ended up taking them down different paths.

Sorn’s statement also matches his former member and now Yujin Kep1er ‘s initial statement during the August 2021 broadcast of Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999” that he had been informed that, “CLC will no longer be carrying out group activities.”

In the same broadcast, Sorn also opened up about the struggles and hardships he went through under his old agency from his trainee days to his debut. After winning the contest that won him a contract with Cube, Sorn said the company did not support his studies and urged him to practice more.

Eventually, he dropped out of school to focus on his journey as an aspiring idol, but his training life was not comfortable. Apart from the stress and worry of being chased away at any time, they are also not given a good environment and a place to rest.

Sorn talks about not having the freedom to give ideas or opinions about the CLC concept. As a result, they are “forced” to follow what the company wants not only for their songs and dances but even their clothes.


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