Soon After, Kim Ji Won Reveals A Warm Message ‘My Liberation Notes’ To Viewers


Kim Ji Won Gave A Closing Comment Before The End Of The Broadcast Of The JTBC Drama ‘My Liberation Notes’. Check Out The Full Story In The Following WowKeren News.

The JTBC drama ” My Liberation Notes ” only leaves two final episodes and is scheduled to end this weekend. Towards the end, the cast including Kim Ji Won gave closing comments to talk about various interesting things about this drama.

“My Liberation Notes” itself depicts the story of three siblings who want to escape from their suffocating life as well as a mysterious outsider who comes to their city. The trio live in the village of Sanpo in Gyeonggi-do, which surrounds Seoul like the “white part” of an egg.

Kim Ji Won plays Yeom Mi Jeong, the youngest of the three siblings. Unlike her two sisters, Yeom Mi Jeong is a much more reserved person and finds it difficult to express her true feelings. He also hopes to be “free” from the people who make him sick.

Regarding his experience starring in this drama, Kim Ji Won said, “Time really flies. I thought the filming time wasn’t that short, but it’s a shame the broadcast ended too soon. I always thought that it was a good series after reading the script and during the filming process. , but it’s another pleasure to watch other characters’ stories on broadcast.”

He continued, “I had fun watching it with the audience. There were times when I cried while watching the drama, but I was also comforted. I felt really good because I felt supported.”

Kim Ji Won then revealed the main message of this drama. He said, “I’m so grateful that everyone seems to have joined us on our path to liberation. Among the lines, there was one that said, ‘When spring comes, I’ll be a different person’ and ‘My Liberation Notes’ seems to contain the message, ‘Spring will come after winter’.”

“I don’t know which season each viewer is in, but if there are people who are in winter, I hope the (warm) message of this drama will be conveyed well to them. I hope it is a drama that encourages people who live life with slow,” he added.

Furthermore, Kim Ji Won revealed, “During filming, I acted while wondering about how each character would move towards their release. That question is also the question, ‘What is liberation for you?’. There seems to be a difference when you ask that. and figure it out for yourself.”

“In the next episodes, I hope that viewers can look forward to how everyone will get closer to the freedom they want. And I think it would be better for you to ask yourself what ‘liberation’ means to you,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the slot for “My Liberation Notes” on JTBC weekend nights will be replaced with ” Cleaning Up “. The plan, the drama starring Jeon So Min will start airing on June 4.


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