Son Ye Jin Ever Revealed The Criteria For A Prospective Husband Before Hyun Bin Married, Too Grandiose?


Four Years Before Marrying Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin Once Revealed The Criteria For A Prospective Husband Who Were Considered Too Grandiose. So What Are The Criteria?

Son Ye Jin once admitted to her ideal type and said she didn’t think about getting married, but ended up marrying Hyun Bin four years later. At that time the actress had time to talk about the criteria for a prospective husband who was considered too grandiose.

In the interview for the film ” Be With You ” which she starred in four years ago, Son Ye Jin calmly revealed that she does not feel pressured to play a mother despite having no experience in raising children because she is not married.

Son Ye Jin then brought up her own story, saying, “Maybe it’s because I’m not married. I think giving birth should be on my instinct because I’m also a woman.”

“I heard it would feel different if you actually had kids. I have a niece. I’m not the type to love children very much, but now that I have a niece, I love her very much,” she continued.

When asked, “Do you have an ideal type that you would like to marry?” Son Ye Jin thought for a moment and replied, “I have,” with a smile. She added, “But people around me say that nothing fits my ideal type.”

Son Ye Jin explained about the criteria for her future husband at that time. The 1982-born actress said that she needed someone to lean on or rather rely on.

“I hope I can lean on that person. I want him to always pay attention to what I say and do. Even though I may do something strange, I hope he still likes it. Someone who communicates with me well and works hard at his job,” he said.

When the reporter reacted, “There’s nothing like that,” Son Ye Jin confirmed that whenever she discussed the criteria for a husband-to-be she wanted, people always said it was too grandiose. “Is this why I can’t get married?” asked Son Ye Jin at the time.

The beautiful actress also admitted her honest thoughts about marriage. Son Ye Jin said that she would not insist on getting married right away, and would only do so if she met the right person.

Son Ye Jin made a turning point in her life when she became a wife four years later and it seems she has found the person who can match her ideal type 100 percent, namely Hyun Bin.


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