Son Dam Bi Says About Rumors Of Not Inviting Gong Hyo Jin And Jung Ryeo Won To The Wedding Because Of Wrestling


Jung Ryeo Won And Gong Hyo Jin Surprisingly Did Not Appear At The Wedding. Some Netizens Suspect That There Might Be A Problem With Their Friendship.

Son Dam Bi personally responded to rumors that he did not get along with Gong Hyo Jin and Jung Ryeo Won after the absence of the two artist friends at his wedding.

On May 15, Son Dam Bi updated her personal Instagram with her wedding photo and wrote, “My loved ones who came to the wedding, thank you very much. It was a really happy day.”

Son Dam Bi then indirectly addressed the bad rumors surrounding her marriage, possibly the various speculations that arose due to Gong Hyo Jin and Jung Ryeo Won’s absence.

“But on this good day, there is too much bullshit. None of them are true, so please don’t get me wrong. I will live happily ever after,” he said.

Son Dam Bi married former world speed skater champion Lee Kyou Hyuk on May 13. The two had an outdoor wedding at a hotel in Seoul hosted by KBS N sports announcer Lee Dong Geun.

Jung Ryeo Won and Gong Hyo Jin, who usually show off their friendship with Son Dam Bi, surprisingly did not appear at the wedding. Some netizens suspect that there might be a problem with their friendship.

Son Dam Bi’s agency H& Entertainment responded to the rumors, saying, “Jung Ryeo Won had overlapping drama filming schedules in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on May 13. Gong Hyo Jin was invited, but due to personal reasons, she was unable to attend. ”

Meanwhile, Son Dam Bi first met Lee Kyu Kyuk in 2011 on the SBS entertainment program called “Kiss and Cry.” The two have known each other for about ten years and started dating last year.

Then in January 2022, Son Dam Bi shared with her fans on social media that the two had decided to get married. She wrote on her social media, “I have someone I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Son Dam Bi started his career as a solo singer in 2007. He also entered the world of acting by starring in the drama ” Dream ” in 2009. Son Dam Bi was once rumored to be dating Nam Tae Hyun , ex -WINNER (II) .


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