SNSD Fix Appears On ‘Soshi Tamtam’ Before Comeback, Production Team Has Special Hope


JTBC Issued An Official Statement Regarding The SNSD Program To Welcome Their 15th Anniversary, Titled ‘Soshi Tamtam’. This Is The Special Expectation Of The Production Team For This Reality Show.

It’s fixed, JTBC has officially confirmed the return of SNSD ( Girls’ Generation ) on a reality show as a group. The Tae Yeon cs program will later be titled ” Soshi Tamtam ” which will air in early July.

“Soshi Tamtam” will follow the journey of the SNSD members to explore the world of entertainment and contemporary variety. Fans can look forward to them sharing a realistic glimpse of their daily lives, as the program is a reality show.

The plan, “Soshi Tamtam” will also take a documentary format. Although in the program, they will do a “game show” in it.

Furthermore, “Soshi Tamtam” will be produced by Jung Seung Il, who was previously the PD of ” Camping Club ” on the JTBC television station. The show featured members of another legendary girl group, Fin.KL going on a camping trip for their 21st anniversary.

Along with the details of “Soshi Tamtam”, the production team promises that there will be something special through this program. What’s more, this program has been carried out since SNSD has not promoted together for the past five years.

The production team said, “This program is designed with the concept that SNSD members with diverse talents and coveted charms will challenge various entertainment content regardless of genre.”

Then they continued, “This program is expected to be a special gift for fans and viewers who have loved National Girl Group SNSD for 15 years. Please look forward to the cool laughter that will be SNSD, the girl group we love during the summer.”

Meanwhile, SNSD’s comeback in August 2022 is a group activity with a full lineup for the first time since releasing “Holiday Night” in 2017. As for this program, this is the group’s first appearance after being a guest of Yoo Jae Seok on ” You Quiz on the Block ” in December 2021.


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