Siwon SuJu Hanging Out With The Cast Of ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Signs Season 2 Coming Soon?

It Was Previously Announced That The Drama ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Will Work On Its Second Season Which Is Rumored To Air In 2022. As Recently As Super Junior’s Siwon Shared His Latest Photo With The Director.

The screening of the drama ” Work Later, Drink Now ” in 2021 formed a new circle for the cast. The reason is, this drama is different from others where three career women are friendly followed by one male colleague who chooses to spend time drinking alcohol instead of working.

As previously reported, the drama “Work Later, Drink Now” will work on its second season. And now, it seems that signs will soon be worked on starting from the latest upload of Super Junior ‘s Choi Siwon who also became the actor.

On Thursday (23/6), Choi Siwon shared a photo on his Instagram account showing him posing with his co-stars Lee Sun Bin and Hwan Sunhwa together with the director of the drama “Work Later, Drink Now”. In the caption, Choi Siwon wrote that this is a new journey that is starting.

“A new journey begins. Fun time. Looking forward to the new season. Eun Ji is absent due to other schedules. We miss you,” wrote the photo caption. As previously explained, Eun Ji A Pink , who also participated in this drama, was absent from their meeting due to schedule conflicts.

“Work Later, Drink Now” is a drama adapted based on a webtoon. The drama centers on the story of three friends whose life philosophy revolves around drinking together after work.

Lee Sun Bin plays Ahn So Hee, a variety show writer, Sunhwa plays Han Ji Yeon, a yoga instructor. Meanwhile, Eun Ji plays Kang Ji Goo, an origami YouTuber and Choi Siwon plays Kang Book Goo, a variety show director.

The general reason this drama is accepted among viewers is because it displays a realistic plot. Even so, the story will come to life through the unique chemistry of the players in both the first and second seasons later.

In addition, this drama is also strong in its depiction of the world of work, which adds value to its realistic. Not only showing the ridiculous behavior of the players, there are also touching moments that color their friendship.

Meanwhile, it is not yet known when this drama will air its second season. But many suspect that “Work Later, Drink Now” will be aired in the second half of this year.

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