Showing Unique Charm, NCT Dream Reveals Sweet Messages At The Release Of ‘Glitch Mode’


NCT Dream Has Finally Officially Released Their Second Studio Album ‘Glitch Mode’. After Almost A Year From The Release Of ‘Hot Sauce’, The Seven Members Wrote Sweet Messages For Fans.

Today, Monday (28/3), one of NCT’s sub-units, NCT Dream , finally made a comeback with their second studio album “Glitch Mode”. This will be NCT Dream’s first comeback in 2022.

NCT Dream last released the debut studio album “Hot Sauce” in May and the repackaged album “Hello Future” in June last year. Mark Lee , Renjun , Jeno , Haechan , Jaemin , Chenle , and Jisung compactly wrote sweet messages to fans on their comeback day .

The seven handsome idols looked very enthusiastic about their latest comeback . NCT Dream hopes that fans will be excited about “Glitch Mode” while hoping to stay healthy together.

” It’s D-Day guys hahaha sooooooo fun (laughing emoji) I hope you really enjoy the album. Czennies!! Today has arrived~ 2nd studio album hahahahaha Dream come on, ” said Mark.

” Czennies, Dream’s 2nd studio album is finally out! We’ve worked hard, so please love us. We hope our songs will put comfort in your hearts, ” said Renjun, ending with a green heart emoji according to the fandom color NCT.

” Everyone, Dream Glitch Mode’s 2nd studio album is really out Czennie we really have been waiting for a long time I’m going to show you a fun, cool and immersive stage performance as much as you’ve been waiting for!! I’m going to Czennie soon quickly without buffering!! ” Jeno exclaimed sweetly.

” Finally our NCT DREAM is making a comeback!! Please support us as much as possible because this album has been prepared for a very long time!! We prepared a lot of performances on music shows as well as dream stages, so let’s have fun together!! There’s also a video music, please watch it often!! kekeke Semagnat!!! Yo Dream!! ” said Haechan.

” Cnennie (green heart emoji) Finally, the long-awaited release day of glitch mode 2nd regular album!! We will make our Czennie happy with the title song and the songs that we have prepared for the album very beautiful, please look forward to it yes, ” said Jimin.

” We are now back with our 2nd studio album. Please look forward to our stage performances often yuyuyu. Never Goodbye kekekekeke, ” Chenle said by revealing one of the song titles in “Glitch Mode”, “Never Goodbye”.

” Czniiiie!!! Finally the Glitch Mode album has been released. Please don’t get sick during this promotion, stay healthy and have fun!! Let’s have fun together haha. I’ll show you, ” said the maknae , Jisung.


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