Showing Friendship, Visual V BTS And Kang Dong Won At Premiere ‘Broker’ Surprise Netizens


V BTS And Kang Dong Won Showed Off Their Friendship At The Premiere Of The Film ‘Broker’ Through A Photo Of The Two Of Them. The Visual Combination Of These Two Handsome Stars Has Successfully Surprised Netizens.

V BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) showed off his friendship with Kang Dong Won at the premiere of the film ” Broker .” Their visual success surprised the public.

Shortly after returning to South Korea from BTS’ trip to the United States, V attended the premiere of the film “Broker.” The owner of the name Kim Taehyung looks handsome in a black suit and checkered blazer.

As usual, V posted a series of Instagram stories from the premiere of the film “Broker.” Tamoak V is relaxing with Kang Dong Won while promoting his best friend’s film.

“I can’t wait to watch it,” said the 1995-born idol. Like other dedicated fanboys, V also took photos of Kang Dong Won and shared them on Instagram.

In another circulating photo, V and Kang Dong Won pose among the man who is said to be one of the staff of the film “Broker.” Although the photos are of low quality, the visual combination of these two handsome stars has successfully surprised netizens.

“Kang Dong Won, amazing. Is he human?” netizen comments. “I want to be among them but I’m not confident, but I still want to be among them,” added another netizen.

“Both are very handsome but why is the quality so bad?” wrote netizens. “This is heaven for my eyes. Kang Dong Won must be very high,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, V is looking for the fastest flight even with a long route to attend the premiere of his best friend’s film. This also amazed netizens.

Besides Kang Dong Won, “Broker” also stars Song Kang Ho , IU , Lee Joo Young and Bae Doona . The film is scheduled to premiere simultaneously in South Korea on June 8.


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