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‘Shooting Stars’ Rating Is Down, Lee Jung Shin CN Blue Gives A Wise Response

‘Shooting Stars’ Rating Is Down, Lee Jung Shin CN Blue Gives A Wise Response

Lee Jung Shin Also Commented On The Low Rating Of The TvN Drama ‘Shooting Stars’ During A Recent Interview. What Was The Response Like? Check Out The News Below.

Recently CN Blue ‘s Lee Jung Shin had an interview with Sports Chosun to discuss the ending of the tvN drama ” Shooting Stars “. He talked about many interesting things, including the low rating of this drama.

As is known, “Shooting Stars” consistently recorded a rating in the range of 1 percent even though it presents an interesting and realistic plot about people who work in the entertainment industry. Even though he failed to score high ratings, Lee Jung Shin wasn’t bothered at all because there were actually a lot of people who liked this drama.

Lee Jung Shin commented, “Kaeena there are a lot of people watching the marathon, I think it’s better to receive love for a long time. When global fans tagged [my SNS], I felt that we received a lot of love from overseas (fans) .”

Lee Jung Shin also explained that he doesn’t follow viewers’ responses personally. But he feels happy when he receives comments about his character or about improving his acting.

On this occasion, Lee Jung Shin also shared that he prefers his current image and confessed that his thinking has become more mature after working in the entertainment industry for 12 years. He said, “I want to be a good actor and singer, but I think my goal is to become a good person.”

“I also think that I have to be a good person to do good things. In the future too, I want to find that maturity,” he continued.

He added, “As an actor, I also think that I haven’t been able to play a variety of characters. I think there’s a lot in me and I don’t think that I can show it that much.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Shin’s character in this drama has a happy ending with a beautiful reporter named Jo Ki Bbeum ( Girl’s Day’s Sojin ). With an interesting storyline, the last episode of this drama experienced a slight increase in ratings to 1.5 percent nationwide.

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