Seong-Jin Seong-Jin’s ‘Handel Project’ topped the Billboard Classic Chart


Pianist Seong-Jin Seong-Jin (29)’s new album ‘The Handel Project’ topped the Billboard Classic Weekly Chart.

According to Billboard on the 16th, Seong-Jin Cho’s recently released album ‘Handel Project’ ranked No.

This album, released last month by Seong-Jin Seong from Deutsche Grammophon (DG), a world-renowned classical music label, is his sixth full-length album.

Unlike his previous works, which mainly dealt with classical and romantic music, in this album, Seong-Jin Cho chose the works of Handel, one of the two greatest musicians of the Baroque era along with Bach. Among the two volumes of Handel’s Harpsichord Suite, first published in London in 1720, Seong-Jin Seong-Jin’s three favorite pieces are included.

At the beginning of last month, at a video conference with the domestic media to commemorate the release of the new album, Seong-Jin Seong said, “I think I practiced the most in my life while preparing for this album.”

Korean musicians who reached number one on the Billboard Classical Weekly Chart include pianist Lim Hyun-jung and Sunwoo Ye-kwon. Lim Hyeon-jung’s 2012 debut album Complete Beethoven Sonatas, and Seonwoo Ye-kwon’s 2017 Van Cliven Competition play-by-play album reached the top of the Billboard Traditional Classical Weekly Chart.


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